Release Notes (v.4.26)


Added a Progress Indicator for communication tasks

When emails are sent via the Communications tab or Approve Faculty Input, a progress indicator will display.


Made spacing consistent on phone number display within the Contact Information section

Changed wording from “Add Classification Form” to “Add Faculty Classification Form” when adding documents in the Evaluation Workflow

Copy Evaluators from a previous evaluation process

When creating a new evaluation process, the option is now available to copy evaluators from a previous process to the new process. The previous evaluation process will be available for selection under the heading Copy Evaluators from Previous Process.

The system will match evaluators for each step and unit. If the steps have been modified no evaluators will be copied for that step.

Note: Copying evaluators requires sending of notifications to users from each evaluation page.

Allow customized grouping of scholarly work sub-types on the vita

The ability to add a filter for each Activity Classification for all Vita Display styles is now available when configuring a vita template. It is also possible to group by sub-type for a Traditional Style vita in the Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions section. For example, for a traditional vita the vita could be grouped by Book Type for the Book sub-type and then grouped by Review Type for Journal Articles.

To group by sub-type, do the following:

  1. Navigate from the Admin tab to Configure>Vita>select a vita.
  2. Edit the Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions section.
  3. Settings are available for each sub-type. Select the desired options for each sub-type.

Added the ability to include a counted summary of coauthor roles for each citation on the vita

This new option is only available when there is a scholarly coauthor classification named Role.  To access this option, do the following:

  1. Navigate from the Admin tab toSetup>Vitas(under Configuration).
  2. Select the vita you wish to edit and then click the Edit icon.
  3. Scroll to the Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions section.  Click the edit icon for the section.
  4. The section settings display. The new option is titled Show Coauthor Role Summary. Check this option to include a coauthor role summary count in the citation.
  5. Save the changes.

For those citations which include roles, a summary count for each role will display at the end of the citation (for the selected vita):

Added a new citation type that includes role

The new citation type, Full Author Role Details (Turbian), will include the role in the citation. For example:

Harris, Scott K., (Author), Sharon Chair (Author), and John Doe (Student). Book 7917. Edited by Bill Chair and Frank Chair, 2016.

Added the ability to export the Approve Faculty Input Report

To access the report, do the following:

  1. From theAdmin tab, select Administration>Activity Input>Approve Faculty Input.
  2. Click the view icon for the desired faculty input.
  3. The faculty input displays. Click the view icon for the desired unit.
  4. The details display. Click the Excel icon at the top of the page to download the report to Excel.

A different notification will be sent for Self-evaluations

Previously, the self-evaluation start notification and the regular evaluation start notification were the same. The text for the email message can be entered in the Message text box as indicated below:

Changed text on the Co-Author verification buttons

Upon clicking the action item in theTo Dosection of the dashboard the message below displays. The edit button is now titled Accept and Edit Now (previously titled Accept and Edit.)

Clicking the Accept button returns the message below. For clarification purposes, the button is now titled Okay (previously titled Cancel).