Release Notes (v.4.27.2) 03/01/2017

Citation Import: Improved Compatibility with Unique Characters

French accent characters will appear correctly in citations.

Additional BibTex compatibility

** An @ symbol is now accepted

** Citations will respect case sensitivity in the titles.

Added an Inactivity Timer for Automatic Logout

For security purposes a idle timer has been added to automatically log users out of FACULTY180 after a period of inactivity.

* After 40 minutes of inactivity a user will be automatically be logged out.

Saving Faculty Responses

In an evaluation workflow step, a faculty response can be included. The faculty member is notified that he/she has X number of days to respond.

Navigation: Dashboard > Menu > Evaluations > View / Respond

A response will saved based on one of the following conditions:

* Data has been entered

* Attachments were supplied

* Text or an attachment already existed and there has been an edit to that entry.

Administrators can now Disable Attachments for Sections on the Activities Form

From the dashboard, click on theAdmintab.Then chooseSetup, and thenConfiguration,followed by theActivity Input Form

  1. Drill down to select the Activity Input Form - edit the form.
  2. Select the section to edit. (exception: teaching section),
  1. For Example: Student Supervision,, Professional Development..Professional Service, etc
  1. Select the"Disable Attachments'checkbox and then click the 'Save'button when finished.
  1. After saving, the form will no longer allow for the submission of attachments.