Release Notes (v.4.27.3) 03/14/2017

RIS Importer is Now Compatible with Diacritical Marks in Titles

  • Before the Release:When importing a file with Diacritical marks, the system would display the title incorrectly or blank.
  • With the Release:When importing a record in RIS, Diacritical Marks no long cause the title to appear blank or to fail to display correctly.

System Now Performs a Validation Check on Faculty Profile Form

  • With the Release:Added a validation check for first name, last name, and email for the Faculty Profile form.
    • All mentioned fields are checked if empty and also for incompatible characters in the email address. An error message will appears to notify a user with an incorrect submission.

Pop-up of Records in a CV During an Evaluation is Now in Focus

  • Before the Release:When an Evaluator clicked View magnifying glass, the window that would appear, would be hidden higher up on the webpage creating confusion.
  • With the Release:After the View magnifying glass is selected, the window appears in-focus on the page.

Filtering for 'Support Accounts' Now Working as Intended

  • Within the Admin menu, in Administration section, then Tools, and finally Support Accounts
    • The filter to find 'delegate' accounts is now filtering correctly for these accounts.
  • Support accounts can be created for staff members and non-faculty members who need administrative access to FACULTY180 and may or may not have full administrative rights.
    • Such as an employee who maintains the database or supports faculty in some way (e.g. running reports).
    • This account type can also be used for an accreditation visit, or to give a user who does not have a formal university account access to FACULTY180.
    • This type of account can be set up to bypass campus authentication.
    • For more information on Support Accounts, please referencethis guide.

Added a Setting to Allow Administrators to Permit the Grouping of Publicly Displayed Activity Classifications in Vitas

NOTE:This feature is only enabled following an institution's request to CSM.

When enabled, this setting allows administrators to control if Publicly Displayed Activity Classifications will be grouped in a Vitas.

  • Go to Admin > Setup > Configuration > Vita > Edit Any Section that allows grouping by Activity Classification.
  • Group by the 'Publicly Displayed' activity classification and check 'Show On Vita.'