Release Notes (v.4.27.4) 03/29/2017

Inactivity timer extended from 40 to 60 minutes before it will log users out

  • To ensure security, all Interfolio products now have a 60 minute inactivity timer before the system forces the users to logout.
  • This projected update in addition to the changes that were made last week, which created more transparency in the process and informed users how to preserve their data via pop-up warnings in the system.

Some clarification on the timeout message: "If you have unsaved changes on this page, you can copy thoseor you can sign in in a new tab and continue."

This means that if users are logged out, they can use a few methods to preserve the information that was entered.

  • They can open up a new browser tab. Sign in/authenticate into your system on that new tab. After doing so, they can go back to the tab that they were previously timed-out from, and continue working.
  • After timeout, users should copy their responses (or take screenshots) of the information they were working on in the timed-out page, before closing the window or logging back in.

Evaluations - email message - resent after changed and saved

  • Before the release:Users did not have the ability to dictate when email messages are sent following modifications of evaluations.
  • After the release:Users now can decide if they want to notify faculty with emails when Evaluations are modified and to which faculty.

Deleting a secondary unit assignment only deletes the secondary unit.

  • Before the release:When an administrator deletes a secondary unit assignment, the system would both delete secondary and primary.
  • After the release:When an administrator deletes a secondary unit assignment, the system will only delete the secondary unit' assignment, NOT primary unit.