Release Notes (v.4.28.1) 04/26/2017

Minor Changes:

  • If turned 'On', the 'Set Optional Data' dashboard message for importing scholarly contributions has been modified. The message now reads 'Assign Activity Classifications for imported Scholarly Works'.

Clients can use their own Production Credentials for ORCID

Administrators can turn ORCID on/off for faculty users. This is a temporary measure to accommodate those clients that havent uploaded their institutional ORCID credentials to F180 yet.

If turned on, the dashboard message for recently imported scholarly contributions has been clarified. We have relabeled the dashboard message from 'Clear Optional Data' to 'Assign Activity Classifications for Imported Scholarly Works'

New Interface in the Setup menu:

Administrator can provide Emulation Access to Support Accounts for More Than One Faculty User

Within the Admin tab, and the Tools page, administrators will have access to delegating access to Support accounts.

First, this is what the table looks like when there are no accounts added.

Below is the table with support accounts added.

Below is the error message that is generated if the table was not saved correctly.

In the Activity Input Form, the Instruction Section is Now Collapsable and is Anchored to the Top of the Page

When working on the Activity Input Form, the Instructions that the faculty see will now be collapsible and anchored to the top of the page.

In Vitas, Faculty Users Can Toggle Between Showing All Sections (Even Unused Ones) and Only Those Sections in Use

When working on their VITAs, faculty can toggle on hidden/uneditable sections that would otherwise not be visible.