Release Notes (v.4.28.3) 05/26/2017

Activity Input: Create Submit and Save Buttons at Bottom of Form

Added additional Save and Submit and Save and Go Back and Cancel buttons at the bottom of Activity Input Forms and removed the Go Back button to help prevent faculty from not submitting or saving their data on accident.

Position Details to Now Align with Profile Form

If an administrator enters Position Details into a Faculty Form, then they will now see a dialog window that corresponds to the Current Position section of the Profile Form.

The Position Details Section on the Faculty Form (Admin -> Administration -> Add/Edit -> Add or Edit buttons) now displays what a faculty user would see if they clicked on the Edit button under Current Position in the Profile Form. That is, a drop-down for Current Academic Rank and an expandable table for adding other positions.

Previously the Position Details was now connected to the corresponding Current Position section.

Vita Word Export Improvements

Implemented a number of cosmetic improvements to the exported word file. Better spacing and clearer line break when this newest iteration is compared to previous iterations.

Vita Generation - Implement Sorting and Filtering

Implemented more sorting and filtering options available to users, including:

  1. Sorting the default section data to match that which is hardcoded in the SQL queries for the include files.
  2. Implement any custom sorting that may be associated with custom sections (or default sections, for that matter

Vita: Reformat Grant Section Text

In the Grant section for institutional Vitas, we have altered the formatting to be displayed in a fashion that is easier to read. This includes increasing line spacing, fonts, indentations, and more to improve the Vita experiencing in the Grants section.