Release Notes (v.4.28.4) 06/06/2017

All Faculty Classifications Must be Unique, even if Inactive or Deleted

When customizing Faculty Classifications, if the title had previously been used, a message will display reading "Entered title is currently in use, please try again." and a red border will appear around the dialog box. When a unique name has been entered, the red border will disappear.

During Bulk Upload, Administrators can Choose to Remove Previously Loaded Taught Courses

When an administrator is uploading Courses Taught data using the Bulk Data feature, then they will now have the option to remove existing courses taught for a selected term.

A help icon will be displayed with the text "If 'Display Terms in First Two Columns' is checked, courses taught will be removed for those terms. If it is not checked, the term selected above will be used."

Performance Improvements Coming Later This Week

On Friday, we are going to be implementing some improvements to our algorithms, increasing the speed of the system when running a Faculty Activity Report and the Scholarly Activities Report.