Faculty180 Release Notes (v.4.3.4) 09/26/2017

Activity Input

Within the activity input form, there is now a column for the source of a scholarly work (e.g., Manual Input, Web of Science, etc.) in the Scholarly Contributions section.

While a faculty member is looking at their Activities page, and viewing the Scholarly Contribution section (name may vary), they will now see a column indicating the source of this entry.

Administrators can now delete university-level input forms, as long as they aren’t the “primary”/base Activity Input.

When on the form configuration screen (Admin Tab> Setup>Activity Input Form) administrators with the proper permissions can now delete university-level input forms, as long as they aren’t the ‘primary’/base activity input form.

When deleting a form, this dialog box will display to confirm the deletion while there are existing evaluations associated with it.

Updated citation format for Scholarly Contributions imported from Web of Science

The attribution statement for Web of Science imports has been updated to the most recent version.  

It now reads:

Data pulled from Clarivate Analytics Web of Science on Sep 20, 2017.* Copyright 2017  Clarivate Analytics. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce or re-distribute this data in whole or in part without the written consent of Clarivate Analytics.

The design of the Teaching section in the Activity Input form has been updated for initiated forms

In order to increase the accessibility initiated activity input forms, some interface enhancements have been made. With the required tags next to the relevant data, it will ideally make it more obvious what needs to be done

Other Changes

Updated ORCID integration graphics slightly in line with an ask from ORCID

To become compliant with ORCID's standards we have updated the ID to display in the new format. This is available in the same location, within the 'View Profile' section.

Below is an example of the new format, for reference:

Bug Fixes

  • The “Yes/No” option for fields in custom sections will now work correctly
  • There is now a space between Course Number and Course Designation fields in reports and the input to avoid confusing users
  • An error message appears when emulating a user has been resolved
  • “Submitted-Not Funded” grants should now respect the dates chosen in the vita output (edited)