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Coming in January 2018: Share Materials and Collect Feedback From Others at Your Institution

Coming Soon in 2018: Dossier Sharing

This article is intended for anyone with access to the Dossier Institution module through their institution (for example, if your institution uses Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure). 

If your institution has provided you with access to Dossier Institution as part of the Interfolio platform (for example, if your institution uses Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure), then you will be able to share individual items and collections of materials stored in your Dossier on an individual basis with other Dossier Institution users at your school.

Any individual with whom you share will be able to view those selected materials  online through their browser, within an Interfolio environment, and write comments on them. In order to access the shared document/collection, they will have to sign into their own Dossier account. 

With this feature, now you can actually use your Dossier to collect feedback on academic materials and plans for self-presentation of your academic work, research, creative production, teaching, and service to the academic community. 

Prepare for Upcoming Reviews

If you are required to prepare certain materials as part of your upcoming case for tenure or promotion—for example, a “Narrative” or “Statement of Scholarship”—and need to get feedback on it prior to the beginning of your formal case, now you can use Dossier to accomplish that. Sometimes these progress checks are explicitly prescribed by an institution, but they're not a step in the official review process. Dossier Sharing provides a space for these "pre-review" situations, while still keeping your materials within the Interfolio environment (a benefit when the time comes to assemble your packet). 

Share Whole Collections

You can share materials to collaborate on academic work with one or more collaborators and view and respond to their comments. In addition to sharing individual materials, you can share entire collections of materials for feedback—such as when preparing to apply for funding,  looking ahead to a professional review, or seeking new fellowships or opportunities. Sharing collections of materials can help you gain insight into how your supporting materials for a job, promotion, or another academic opportunity could improve.

Receive Feedback One-on-One with Reviewers

Comments are private between the user and a single reviewer.

Comments written on shared materials are visible only to two users: the commenter and the Dossier user who owns the document.

When sharing your collection or item with multiple collaborators, the reviewers cannot see each other's comments. As the owner of the shared material, you can only view the comments of one collaborator at a time, by choosing a collaborator from a dropdown list of all the people with whom you have shared the item.

Reviewer Experience

The person you share with is able to view the shared materials online through their browser, and can write comments on your materials. They will receive an email notifying them that materials have been shared with them and can access the materials via a link in the notification email.