Faculty180 Release Notes - 1/17/2018

API upgrade to allow pulling data by last time it was updated

API will now allow API users to pull all activities that have changed since the "last_updated" date, and get back a paginated list of activity data. The endpoint will have similar functionality and documentation to the rest of our API (it'll require the same authentication, will be set up in the same way in Faculty180, etc.).

This update is based on institutions who are increasingly pulling activity data from Faculty180 to update their internal data resources, such as an institutional data warehouse.

Clients will now be able to pull all activities from Faculty180 that have been uploaded or changed since the client's last pull ("just give me what has changed").

DSpace integration update provides a default collection to improve the user experience

If requested by an institutions, a member of our team in Client Success may restrict users to a single DSpace collection when exporting Faculty180 activities to DSpace.

Corrected problem with "Current Position" being listed as "No Activities Entered" in standard CV

We are moving all fields related to “Current Position” out of the header of the vita and into the Current Position section on the vita output. 

This is to mitigate a lot of confusion and issues with Current Position showing up as “No activities entered.” Current Position should show as “No activities entered” only if there is no data in the section and the vita is set to show empty.

Other Updates

Tweaks to text in our ORCID integration so we can get "badges" from them certifying us as trusted partners

  1. Revoking ORCID from a user: When revoking access from a user, (you've linked your accounts and now want to remove access to your ORCID account from Faculty180), this message has been added to the modal to confirm the disconnect: "Disconnecting your ORCID account will not automatically remove data you have imported. To delete ORCID data in the system, go to your Activities section and click the green delete icon (shaped like an "X")
  2. Deny access when connecting your ORCID account: when connecting ORCID account,  but deny access to F180 (canceling the integration process), the following paragraph has been added to the failure message that appears in F180: "You have chosen not to link your Interfolio account to your ORCID record. ORCID offers an open, non-profit registry for researchers to store information about their work. Interfolio is requesting permission to read from your ORCID profile and identify any scholarly work you have entered into their system. Linking to your ORCID account allows you to easily import work you've entered in ORCID, saving you the effort of re-entering that activity into this system."
  3. Link to ORCID: Fixed the hyperlink that appears under the "View Profile" column when you link your ORCID account

Fixed an issue with invalid tokens throwing an exception

  • Using an invalid token: When a user accesses any of the API routes with a token that doesn't exist, they are greeted with an "Access Denied" message instead of an exception
  • Using a token linked to a non-existing database: When a user accesses any of the API routes with a token linked to a bad database that doesn't exist, they are greeted with an "Database cannot be found" and 404 message instead of an exception
  • Using non-existing database with HMAC: HMAC When a user accesses any of the api routes with a bad database that doesn't exist, they are greeted with an "Database cannot be found" and 404 message instead of an exception

Fixed issue with publication details were not displaying accurately in the summary of the scholarly contribution

Vita: Fixed issue with Activity Classifications display

When a vita is grouped by an activity classification that includes user-submitted values, the user now only sees group by headings of values that are institutionally defined AND values the user has entered