Review, Promotion & Tenure Release Notes - 2/1/2018

Released Today! In-browser document viewer for external evaluators within Review, Promotion & Tenure

Starting today, external evaluators in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure no longer have to download individual files attached to an external evaluation request sent to them. Instead, all external evaluators can simply access the attached documents via the in-product document viewer—essentially identical to all the other document reader experiences across the Interfolio Faculty Information System.

So if your institution uses Review, Promotion & Tenure, but has avoided the external evaluations feature due to concerns around the download experience, you will want to make sure you understand the implications of this new option! 

Reference the updated help content for more information about the external evaluator experience.

And incase you missed it.... Dossier Feedback and Sharing

As we notified our Review, Promotion & Tenure clients via email a few weeks ago, we have recently released an exciting and wholly new feature in the Dossier product: the ability for the individual faculty member to share and receive private comments on their materials (such as feedback, mentoring, or advice) from other Interfolio users at the institution—without leaving the Interfolio environment.

The sharing feature is a significant step forward for the role of the Dossier in the Faculty Information System, and we are eager to observe and understand its adoption at our client institutions

As a starting point, please see the relevant Dossier Institution release notesThey will tell you all of the core technical aspects of the change.

Beyond that, you may be interested in these other resources: