Faculty180 Release Notes - 2/15/2018

In today's release, we made accessibility improvements to Faculty180 to address some longstanding issues that have affected clients. Most of the fixes center on compatibility with screen readers for visually impaired users.

  • Fixed an issue with checkboxes in F180 not being labeled correctly for screen readers. Checkboxes in “Honors” now include the type of award for screen readers.
  • Fixed problem with missing or incorrect alt text for images. This provides descriptive text for visual elements that can be read by screen readers
  • Made the "Go Back" button we use keyboard accessible.
  • Sortable lists within tables have been made keyboard accessible.
  • Added missing form labels so that screen readers can identify them correctly.
  • Removed empty headings, buttons, table headers, and links that have no text content from F180 UI. This improves the experience for users using screen readers.