A New Interfolio Interface in March 2018

Planned for March 2018, we are releasing several key updates to the Interfolio interface for all users. 

These updates bring improvements across the board and represent a new way of thinking about the value of faculty technology. Together, they mark the first appearance of a more unified and valuable Interfolio.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • A visual introduction to the new interface whether through your personal Dossier or through an Interfolio module used at your institution
  • Links to pages breaking down the changes in each individual module

If you are an Interfolio, Institutional Administrator for a client institution, you have access to an alpha environment to see these changes. See our post with the credentials within the Interfolio Client Community, or reach out to help@interfolio.com for help accessing the alpha environment. 

The New and Brand-able Institutional Homepage

The New Dossier Homepage

The Changes to Come, Organized by Product

Interfolio contains a variety of modules for different distinct needs related to the work, data, and decisions involved in academic careers. Regardless which module you use, the Interfolio updates planned for March 2018 will be noticeable to every Interfolio user who is already familiar with the platform.

Under each heading below, click on the relevant product to learn more about the changes on the horizon.

Interfolio Faculty Search and the New Applicant/Letterwriter Interface in Dossier

Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure and the New Candidate Experience in Dossier

Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) and the Personal Dossier