March 2018 - The New Dossier Interface

This article will highlight only some of the significant changes or functional differences within the Dossier Interface.

Some content in this article may only be relevant for Dossier Deliver and/or Dossier institution users and not Dossier free accounts.

Coming in March, Interfolio Dossier will be undergoing a makeover. In short, all Dossier users will have their own homepage to work from to store and maintain their materials for job search, review, promotion, tenure, or other evaluation and activity reporting. We believe that this new experience will help users take advantage of every tool at their dispense.

The New Login Experience for Users with an Institutional Account and a Dossier Account

After logging in, users with two or more accounts associated with their email address will be prompted to choose a homepage.

The homepage options are:

  • The Personal Interfolio Dossier Homepage - Where Faculty users can upload, organize, and manage their materials in a personal account.
  • The Institutional Homepage [More than one can be featured] - Where Institutional users can access institutional processes through Interfolio, such as hiring for positions, review/promotion cases, or faculty activity reporting. If users are part of more than one, than more than one institution will display.

After choosing an option, this pane will appear at the top of the page to save the selection.

Simply navigate to the User Menu in the top right corner to change to the other accounts. To switch the default, navigate to the Account Settings option within the User Menu.

Logging in With Personal Credentials with an Account Associate with an Institution or Multiple Institutions.

Users with an SSO enabled account, can authenticate using their own credentials, as set on their own personal Interfolio account of the same email address.

When said user selects an institutional account that requires SSO authentication, they see a message on the account selection screen showing that they will be redirected to SSO.

Then they click “Continue” button, and are taken to the SSO authentication page for the account they selected, after succuessfully logging in, they can access institutional specific data.

The New Dossier Interface

To learn more about everything that you can do in Interfolio Dossier, take a look at our relevant help articles:

Below is an example of the new Dossier interface that will be available for all Dossier users when the release occurs. 

The New Dossier Homepage

  • The New "Dossier Highlights"
    • At the bottom of a user's Dossier Homepage, there is one featured Interfolio controlled help article and three featured blog posts on Interfolio article content for quick and easy reference.
  • The User Menu
    • Available in the top right corner, select the button with the user's name.
    • Interfolio Help
      • Access our Interfolio helpsite located here at
    • Account Settings
      • Access your personal Dossier settings and update your basic information.
    • Switch to Institutional Account Homepage 
      • Easily switch to and from your institutional homepage and your personal Dossier. Only available if your email is also connected to an institutional Interfolio account.
    • Sign Out
      • Sign out of all Interfolio products
  • The Interfolio Card
    • An account card tied directly to your Interfolio account information (located in the Account Settings), that displays a summary of information along with how many documents/applications/materials you have stored within Interfolio.

The New User Menu

The New Navigation Bar

  • Home
    • Navigate back to your Dossier Homepage
  • Deliveries
    • All current and past, deliveries and applications, both inside and outside of Interfolio, are available from the Deliveries link in the sidebar.
  • Letters
    • All letters of recommendation within your Dossier will be available in the Letters link. Whether you are a letter writer or an applicant, all letters will be available there for update or use.Confidential letters are always uploaded by the letter writer, and never viewable to the applicant.
  • Materials
    • Materials that have been uploaded as part of a candidate packet, application to a position, or imported from Faculty180 will be available in the Materials section of your personal Dossier. Packet guidelines for candidates through the Review, Promotion & Tenure module will also display on this page.
  • Collections
    • Materials within your personal dossier can be put into groups called 'collections'. These collectons can be used in deliveries or other applications to allow you to create different packs of materials depending on the relevant use.
  • Shared with Me
    • If a user has Dossier Deliver or Dossier Institution, they can share documents with other Interfolio users, you can find all of them easily with the "Shared with Me" tab if the user has requested your feedback.

The New Collections Page

We have broken the collections page out of the materials page so you can easily access the materials in the organizations that you've created yourself and best understand.

The New Letters Page

The letters page will contain all of the letters that have been written for you, as well as the letters that you have been asked to write. The quality check status displays in the table below.

The New Shared with Me

All documents that have been shared with you, are located here on the Shared with Me page