Home Release: 03/30/18 (Faculty Search, Review Promotion & Tenure)

Interfolio FIS Experience for Institutions

All: Old dashboard now redirects to new home experience:

Dashboard now redirects the user to account selector if the user has institution associations. The user is sent to dossier-frontend if they have no institution associations.

All: Added ability to create and display Interfolio system messages on Interfolio Home:

Interfolio can now show messages on the top of the home page when there is scheduled maintenance or an interruption in service, letting users know what to expect and how those interruptions can affect them.

  • Messages are created in by Interfolio, Super Admin and display for institutional interfolio organizations and their users on the Institution Homepage
  • Users cannot dismiss the messages

All: Added institution name to breadcrumbs:

Now institution name is the first breadcrumb, and link directs the user to home.

FS/RPT: New page for custom file downloads in

Search/RPT users with 1 or more files available to download can access them on one page, retrieve, and delete existing downloads. Includes a reminder that download packages will not include docs added after last downloaded date/time.

Download Action Item: Users with at least one requested file download available will see an Action Item: “Your Files Are Ready to Download” and be linked to the new page that displays a list of all available downloads.

FS/RPT: New page header:

A user can access navigation pane via hamburger menu button on the left.  The user can expand sidebar via the button in the top left, and access account menu via a drop-down button/link. Note that adding this has necessitated moving some buttons around in the product as well.

FS/RPT: New left-side navigation

Displays Interfolio icon, copyright mark, year. “Program Policies” links to a marketing page with all of our policies.

RPT, FS: New “Action Items” Display:

User sees list of “Action Items.” List is paginated with a limit of 10 and page loads more work items as user scrolls. When there are no items to display, a check mark displays with message that says:  “There are no items assigned to you at this time. Use the navigation menu to the left to navigate to other areas of your account.”

Action Item displays for positions in Search:

  • Position Name (active hyperlink to the actual item location)
  • Unit where the position was created
  • Number of applicants to the position
  • Position Type
  • Named position approver receives attention item when position is submitted for approval.

Clicking Action: Takes the user to the position. The action item goes away when:

  • The position is closed/archived
  • The position is deleted in Search

RPT: New Actions Items will display for candidate:

Action Item displays:

  • Packet Template Name (active hyperlink to the actual item location)
  • Packet Unit
  • Packet Type
  • Due Date

Actions: Takes user to their case. The work item goes away when:

  • The packet is closed/archived
  • The packet is deleted in RPT
Centralized Branding and Customization for FS, RPT, and Faculty180

Overview: With the release of the new Interfolio Home experience, we have created a central, place to manage the different branding and customization options that are currently available to clients, in Search/RPT, and Faculty180.


  • An Institutional Administrator is able to set the logo for the Institution, which would apply in all 3 products
  • An Institutional Administrator is able to set a primary color for the Institution, which would apply in all 3 products
  • A Faculty180 Administrator is able to customize the Institution name

All- New Branding Settings page:

When an administrator at the highest level of the institution (for any product), selects the name drop down (User menu) they will see an additional option for "Branding Settings" under a header for the institution.

  • When they select the "Branding Settings" option they are taken to a page where they can manage their my institutional logo, and primary color, and can save, cancel, or reset the branding.
  • This screen looks a little different from what is there now: a background of the saved primary color appears behind the logo, which is by default, the Interfolio logo behind a dark blue background.

All- Institutional Admins can set institution branding from new Branding Settings page including:

  • Uploading new logo
  • Selecting new primary color
  • Saving new branding settings
  • Resetting branding to default INTF logo and colors

Note: Email functionality has also been updated to include new branding implementation.

FS- Add branding to position landing pages:

Users going to a branded page hosted by Interfolio will see the institutional header without a hamburger icon and without the account switcher option.

FS- Add branding to public job board pages:

Added branding for landing pages and public positions pages. More on the public positions page later.

FS: Added new header on position landing page:

This is a new display for landing pages when a user is not logged in. Specifically, changes of the sidebar and account switcher.

  • When a user goes to a branded enterprise page that is hosted by Interfolio, they should see the institutional header without a hamburger icon or the account switcher option. Clicking the institution logo does not take the user anywhere.
  • When a user goes to an unbranded page hosted by Interfolio, they should see the interfolio header without a hamburger icon and without the account switcher option. Clicking the institution logo does not take the user anywhere.
FS/RPT UI updates for home/release:

Various updates across all products to accomodate new layout. These include changes in style, fonts, colors, button labels, etc. and moving some items to new buttons, making sure appropriate branding appears in header etc. There also small UI updates that in some cases impart slight changes to the look and behavior of navigation menus, drop-downs, and modals.


  • Position page: Now display Unit, Status, and Open/Close information with labels above the applicants list.
    • Moved some actions to Positions Action button: Edit position, View position details, View Committee, View Referral Sources, Tour this page, Add New Applicant, Close position, moved to “Position Actions” button (you should only see options based on your position).
  • Application (Profile) page: Share application, Email Application, Archive, Download Documents, Application Complete, Request recommendation moved to “Actions” button.


  • Cases: Unit, Status, and Reviewing appear as in line text at the top as label and text
    • No more “View Template List” button.
    • “Add Template” Now accessible from left hand nav.
  • Case page: Edit Case, Email Candidate, View Activity Log, Add Case Section, Edit Packet Requirements and Close Case moved to an “Actions” button (you should only see options based on your user permissions).
    • Send Forward and Backward replaced by single Send button labeled “Next Step/Previous Step.”
    • Removed “Return to Case” button from several locations, and changed some fonts.


  • Replaced “View Case list” button with “Add Template” button in the header, No more “View Case List” button

Users, Committees, Units:

  • Unit tab: Add "Search by name, email or unit" label to search
  • On committees tab:
    • Removed “committees” title
    • Added “Search by committee name” label to search
    • Changed button colors
    • Changed icon
    • Moved search box to same row as add
  • On Units tab
    • Removed "organizational units" title
    • Added "Search by unit name" label to search
    • Changed button color
    • Changed icon

On Case Page Action Menu: Added the action menu to the case for a CM. They should see:

  • Email Candidate
  • Add Case Section

On Action menu updates for Admin:

  • Remove Edit Packet Requirements
  • Add divider above "Close Case"
  • Reorder items to:
    • Edit Case
    • Email Candidate
    • Add Case Section
    • View Activity Log
    • View Candidate Information
    • Close Case

RPT: Navigation item for candidate packets list:

A faculty member can access a list of the packets they’ve submitted or are currently working on so they can reference for future reviews. Users at an enterprise institution will see a link to "My Packets." Candidates will see this nav item when they are notified of their packet.

RPT: Added a "flag" Action Item that appears to candidate when a committee has shared a file and requested a response:

When an RPT user has shared documents with a candidate and requested (enabled) a file response, a candidate received an Action Item with flag "Response Requested."

The flag goes away:

  • when the candidate creates a share response to the initial candidate share
  • after response deadline
  • or if another flag supersedes

RPT: New packets list page:

When a user clicks  "Your Packets" in the sidebar, they are taken to a list of packets associated with the user.

More Home Release Changes

FS: Present all accessible positions to users on the Positions page:

No more scope switcher on Positions page!! We now show a list of all positions to a user, regardless of their role. Deprecated the current presentation of CM/Admin list and an Evaluator list.

FS: New Position approval rejected flag:

A committee manager who created a position that was rejected sees a notice in Action Items: “Rejected: Review & Resubmit” The flag goes away after the position is resubmitted for approval. Clicking the action: Takes the user to positions/review to edit and resubmit position for approval.

FS: New “Approval Required” flag:

An administrator assigned to approve/reject a gets a new position Action Item when user submits position for approval: "Approval Required." The badge goes away after the position is approved or rejected. Clicking takes the user to positions/review to edit and resubmit position for approval.

RPT: New “Response Requested” flag for committee share that requires response:

Committee share recipients get an Action Item when share requires file response: "Response Requested." Flag is removed when share response is created.

To accommodate for committees file link, user sees committee files link in upper right of every page if a user has available shares.

NOTE: On Alpha, Committee Files link looks like it is sticking there even if they don't have files

FS: Public position list section added to “Settings” tab in Admin Settings:

In Faculty Search an Institutional Administrator viewing the “Administration” page sees a “Settings” tab, along with a section for “Public Position List.”

  • User can set and change the page title for the public job board from here 
    • Default would be “<institution_name> Open Positions”
  • User can view and copy the URL for the public job board to their clipboard via the copy button
    • URL structure: apply.interfolio.com/#tenantID/positions
  • User can navigate to EEO statement management via link to the EEO tab where they can update
    • If there is no EEO statement, then a message displays that there is no EEO statement set for the institution

FS: Update position landing page “Apply Now” page with:

  • Floating sidebar that will scroll with the user up and down the page
  • On mobile the floating nav will go at the bottom of the posting but above the EEO statement.