Home Release: 03/30/18 (Dossier)

These are notes for the release of the new Dossier Home, the enterprise platform experience, and the new account selection feature, including detailed information on how SSO will work with the new platform UX.

New Dossier Home

What is it?

  • A new "overview" page that serves as a dashboard for your Dossier
  • New page includes cards that feature help articles, blog posts etc.
  • A new Profile "card" in the upper right corner that has user’s initials (no photo yet)
  • We are getting rid of the “Upgrade” button that lives in the header for non-Deliver users


To increase conversions to Dossier Deliver by:

  • Marketing blog content in the Dossier
  • Prompting free users to upgrade with an ad on the overview page that appears for freemium users

User Value

  • Provides a coherent UX for users switching between their institutional home and Dossier.
  • Gives Dossier a landing page that provides more transparency to all Dossier offers and makes navigation easier.

The Profile Card

At the top right of  Dossier Home page, users will see a profile card that shows:

  • User’s name
  • User’s subscription type
  • User’s current institution/ Organization where they are employed, -OR- if no institution is listed, will display name of institution listed in user’s education information
  • Title of the users current position or role, -OR- if no info available, will display highest degree earned
  • User’s initials

Until profile is complete, users will see a notice “Your profile is incomplete” and a link reading “Complete my profile.” By following that link, they can update any of the information on the profile card.

Dossier Highlights

Cards along the bottom of the page display three blog posts and one help article.

The Dossier highlights on the new Home are going to be fed by our WordPress blog and help content. Each user segment will have their own category that can be called to get the latest blog posts relevant to them.

A separate tile will display selected help articles .

Account overview/ notifications cards

Across top of the page, right to left, users will see three notification cards:


  • Only visible to Dossier Deliver users
  • Shows # of deliveries in progress (not submitted; not past the deadline)
  • If none, a check mark displays with a link to start a new delivery

My Letters of Rec

  • #  of letters of recommendation requested but not yet received
  • # of letters of recommendation unusable because of QC issues (this might have to wait until QC changes)
  • If nothing to show, shows a check mark and link to request a letter

Letters to Write

  • # of letters of recommendation waiting for you to write (requested of you and you have not yet submitted)
  • If empty, displays a check mark and link to view previous request

If there are notifications of issues, such as needing to update the user’s profile or if a credit card is expiring soon, etc., these notifications will appear in the notification section beneath the three account notification cards.

Remind users to update profile data:

Users who skipped onboarding or who already went through boarding, but six months has elapsed, will see a prompt on Dossier Home to update their profile.

Prompt users to update job info when they update employment:

When we prompt users to update employment status, and when user sets or changes status to one of the "employed" statuses (listed below) from one of the non-employed statuses (also listed below), they are prompted to also update their job information. Neither Organization or Position Title is required.

Non-employed Statuses

  • Graduate Student
  • Medical Student
  • Undergraduate/Pre-med

Employed Statuses

  • Tenured
  • Tenure-track
  • Full-time, non-tenure track
  • Part-time, non-tenure track
  • Post-Doc
  • Alternative Academic Career
  • Other _________

Display System Message:

When a system message is set to appear on Dossier Home, and/or the date the person logs in, the Dossier user will see the message on System Messages page. Message is not dismissable and sits above the Home content.

New interstitial screen appears when users switch to Dossier and Account from institution and back:

Users who have access to both the institutional side and the Dossier side (if any institution is in the institutional array):

  • Will see an interstitial screen when switching accounts (Dossier to institutional), or switching from Institutional page (any product) to Dossier, the screen will say: “We are now taking you to your personal Interfolio Dossier account. This is your personal space. Only you can access your Dossier account, and any data you add or change here will only be visible to you.”
  • Will see an interstitial screen when switching to view account settings the screen say: “We are now taking you to your personal Interfolio account settings. These are settings for your Interfolio account and are separate from your institutional profile data.”

Update redirects after sign-in/onboarding:

Make sure that when users are directed to home page, they go to the new Dossier home page (except when they are linked to a specific place within Dossier).

Dossier homepage cleanup:

Minor changes to make the homepage visually more attractive and easier to use. Changes to headers, fonts, font styles, highlights, colors, backgrounds, the appearance of object sizes, etc.

Account Selection feature

What is it?

We have added a new prompt allowing users to select which account they want to access when first logging on.

  • User can set default account from “Profile & Account Settings” page and skip account selection when logging in
  • When a user logs in if they have a default account they go straight to that account.
  • When a user logs in and does not have a default account they see the account switcher
    • Account switcher contains all institutions (if any) to which they have access and dossier (if they have it)
    • For branded institutions, the switcher button is the branding color and contains the institution logo
    • When user selects an institution or Dossier from the account switcher user is taken to the corresponding home page
  • User can set and change their default account from the Sign In section on “Profile & Account Settings” page
  • If a user has only one account, they see the one account with a disabled radio button next to it and a message explaining that we will always take them to this account when they sign in.

Why and How?

This is to clearly separate Dossier Institution and the user’s personal Dossier. We will present the two as separate accounts to users, though users can link accounts and move seamlessly between them.

When users link accounts, though, there are scenarios where we will not know which account to direct them to.  We have created account selection to allow users to select which account they wish to go to.


Users are prompted to select an account when:

  • The user has two or more linked accounts AND
  • The user has logged in without first attempting to access a link to one of the accounts (or something within the account)

When accessing a link to one of the apps:

  • When the user goes to a link (such as to a case or to a Dossier document), we take the user there
  • If the user is not logged in, then the user is taken to an authentication form
  • When the user authenticates, the user is taken directly to the link they originally went to

Default legacy app users are taken to their legacy app dashboard and do not see account selector:

  • Standard Receiver users are taken to the SR dashboard by default (no account selector)
  • If I login as a Dossier Administrator I should be taken to the Admin dashboard by default
Specific Use Cases and Stories:
  • If a user has multiple accounts, they will select which one to go to at login
  • If the user has two or more linked accounts, when they log in, if they are not being directed to a link when attempting to access the account, they will need to select which account they want to go to
  • Users who access Interfolio with a link can be taken directly to the account that the link is associated with, bypassing the account selection step when it’s not needed
  • Users who have an account with no other accounts linked to it are taken directly to that account when they sign in
  • When a user logs in, if they have a default account they go straight to that account
  • When a user logs in and does not have a default account they see the account switcher
    • Account switcher contains all institutions (if any) to which they have access and dossier (if they have it)
    • For branded institutions, the switcher button is the branding color and contains the institution logo
    • When selecting an institution or Dossier from the account switcher, users are taken to the corresponding home page
  • User with multiple accounts can select a default account so that they can skip the account selection step.
  • Users prompted to select an account who have NOT set a default account, and who have not previously selected "no" when prompted to set an account as default, when they select an account they are prompted to indicate whether I want that account to be their default
  • When users see the default account prompt, but navigate to another page or click the "X," the prompt disappears and does not reappear again, even when they sign in again and select this account
  • When a user sees the default account prompt and clicks "no," the prompt disappears and does not reappear again, even when they sign in again and select this account
  • When a users with two or more linked accounts logs in, if they have a default account set, and are not being directed to a link they attempted to access, they are taken to their default account
  • Users who have a default account that they no longer have access to, are taken to:
    • account selection (if I still have two or more linked accounts) or
    • my other account (if I only have one account after that), and shown a message that I no longer have access to my default account
SSO Authentication
  • Users with an SSO account, can authenticate with SSO to access account
  • When a user selects an account that requires SSO authentication, the account selection screen is updated to show that they will be redirected to SSO
  • When a user selects an account that requires SSO authentication and clicks the “Continue” button, they are aken to the SSO authentication page for the account they selected

SSO Authentication - Additional Scenarios

  • When a user is NOT logged into SSO and switches to an account that requires SSO, then the user is prompted to login via SSO (Per Kat, this is ticketed)
  • When a user is signed into SSO, clicks link to sign in (in faculty portal), then goes to Interfolio (since they are already signed in): users are directed to the link; if there isn’t a link to a specific app (Dossier or institution), then we show the account switcher
  • If user has un-activated Dossier account (presumably they won’t see Dossier as an option). The user would only see Dossier if the account is activated, but then we would need a way to tell the user that they can activate it (?)
  • Currently un-activated institutional users:
    • Shouldn’t be self-activated
    • Need to be provisioned by CS (to avoid these users)
    • F180 administrator - has to select administrator profile.  
    • User with two set of admin rights.  For instance, at the department of political science AND the department of engineering.  They would have levels of privileges, report privileges, forms, evaluations etc.


Platform UX Updates to Dossier and Account:
  • Account switcher dropdown now includes RPT & FS institutions to which a user has access: Institution links go to home with the corresponding tenant id.
  • New header style with hamburger menu and new sidebar navigation, appear throughout Dossier
  • Added Sign Up and Log In buttons to header when user is not logged in: These appear on loginless pages.
  • Tenure and Apply pages with branding have branding in the new header: Non-branded pages have the regular non-branded new Interfolio header.
  • Added "Switch Accounts" link to header appearing for SR and Doss Admin users: These users default to SR or Dossier Admin, this gives them a way to navigate elsewhere. NOTES: Will only display if the user has more than one product, so users with only SR or Doss Admin products won't see the option as there is no need. Additionally the "lettewriter" product, since all users have it and the actual LW product is dead, is not checked and is ignored here.
  • Added Dossier link to account switcher dropdown:
    • "Interfolio Dossier" link takes the user to /materials for now.
    • Added links for legacy products as well (same names as they have on the dashboard currently), for standard reciever product, a “Standard Reciever” link, for admin product, “Dossier Administrator” link
    • Clicking on the Interfolio logo in the header should take the user to /materials for now as well
    • Note: F180 institutions are not included in the dropdown or institutions node from the BE at present, that's known and will be handled with user provisioning, ignore for now.
  • Added link to view Archived materials: With the removal of the old side nav in Dossier, we needed a way for users to access their Archived materials.
    • We have added a link on the Materials page to "View Archived Materials" next to "Filter" button.
    • Link takes the user to “Archived Materials” view.
    • On the Archived Materials page, a link appears below the header (in same place where search box appears in the All Materials page) to "View All Materials"