Faculty180 Release Notes - 04/10/2018

On the Activities page, to improve usability: When clicking 'update', the page will not force a refresh.

When a faculty user is updating their information, the user would select an update option for the relevant activity. After selecting the option, the page used to refresh and this refresh would cause a jolt and a poor user experience for Faculty Users.

With this update, the user-experience has been improved, and there is now a short loading screen instead of a hard page reload, which would disrupt the data entry workflow for the end-user.

A new interface for the Search Colleague Tool

We have updated the Search Colleague tool to be more exact and targeted, and also updated the interface to have a more usable end-user experience.

  • To help narrow the search parameters, each option is now a radial search, meaning the user can search for topic one at a time. 
  • The search results will display on the same page, below the search parameters instead of on a new results page.  

See our updated help documentation here.

After the update, there was a bug related to the action items titles. Now the action item for the activity input form will display the relevant 'dashboard message', instead of the title, that was set by the administrator during the setup process. This feature will now function as it did before the release and allows users to get more specific and precise messaging to their users.

Coming Soon

AACSB Reports, 2017 Update

We expect the AACSB reports to be out soon. If you have a questions please reach out to your Interfolio project manager.

Canadian Home Experience Update

We expect the Canadian Home Update to occur soon. If you have a questions please reach out to your Interfolio project manager.