Faculty180 Release Notes - 2018.05.08

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Upcoming Changes to the AACSB Reports


New report formats will be inaddition to the previous versions/editions (2013) within Faculty180.

We offer three reports that help clients satisfy accreditation reporting requirements for AACSB, the business school trade group.

In order to offer the most up to date offering of the AACSB reports, here is some more information about the versions of the Faculty180 Reports

AACSB 2017

In Table 2-1 (2017)

Table 2-1:

  • Changed "Academic/Professional Meeting Proceedings" to "Peer-Reviewed Academic/Professional Meeting Proceedings"
  • Added "Peer-Reviewed Academic/Professional Meeting Presentations"; should be mapped to the client's present subtype
  • Changed "Cases" to "Case Studies"
  • Added "Professional practice standards, or public policy" Activity Classification
  • Added "Percentage of total Full Time Equivalent (FTE) faculty producing "Intellectual Contributions"; the main difference with the previous "percent(age) of faculty producing Intellectual Contributions" column except it treats each of the databases's part-time faculty as "0.5" and each full-time faculty as "1" while calculating.
  • Removed "Monographs" column.

In Table 2-2 (2017)

  • Similar to the display of Table 2-1; Table 2-2 report should be organized by units in the same way as 2-1.
  • Each row is a peer-reviewed journal, not a faculty member.
  • The report contains all journal articles identified with the peer-reviewed Activity Classification (that is, all articles that would be included in table 2-1).
    • Fractional credit for articles:
      • If there are coauthors on a relevant article within the same business school (but different units), then credit for the article should be split equally among the different units
        (e.g., 0.5 for Accounting -> My Journal and 0.5 for Economics -> My Journal).
      • Although to identify coauthors, the submitting user must have added a coauthor at their institution and triggered the coauthor verification workflow.
  • Notes about the drill-down feature:
    • User can drill down into each journal to see the articles within it
    • User can drill down into each total in the "Number of Publications" column to see all the articles within that total.

In Table 15-1 (2017)

Added a new report for Table 15-1 (2017). Same as previous edition, except it now comes with a fabulous new year!

In Table 15-2 (2017)

We've added a new report representing Table 15-2 of the AACSB 2017 accreditation standards.

  • Change header of table (currently "Percent of teaching") to "Faculty percent of teaching by program and degree level."

Calculation of % faculty contributed to a program follows the following rules:

  • Provide information for the most recently completed normal academic year, including all participating and supporting faculty who taught during the year.
  • The percentage of each faculty member's time allocated to each academic program or program level should be a fraction of their total time devoted to teaching. A faculty member who teaches a full course load would allocate 100 percent.
    • For example, a participating faculty member who was assigned six courses during the year, four at the bachelor's level and two at MBA level, would allocate 67 percent to the bachelor's level program and 33 percent to the MBA program.

Vita Bug Fixes

Vita: Grouped courses should show as grouped on vita output

Vitas that were locked will not be updated without being unlocked.

Fixed issue with expandable course in the Teaching section of an initiated activity input form displaying Instruction Mode text as centered instead of left-aligned”

Fixed issue with formatting not available for instructions when adding a workflow step on the Initiate Faculty Input Workflow form:

Home Release - Some bug fixes

Home Release: Work items did not display for evaluations that are created as a part of an evaluation process:

Home Release: Activity input date did not display on Home as "Ongoing" for Due Date and instead showed as being blank

Home Release: Evaluation work item should not trigger for evaluator if no evaluations remain to complete

Bug fix for add/editing a Faculty Member (Admin): When Add/Editing a Faculty Member, Year Started should not be required to Cancel:

Automation: Admin > Details page needs identifiers for the "Save" buttons/Corrected help text for the Announcements:

Erroneous Required Field Warning when Adding Evaluation Document

Fixed error when creating a Personal CV and leaving the required Template field blank: