RPT Release: 05/08/2018

Document Viewer: Text Stored in PDF Documents are now Searchable from Within the Document Viewer

  • If a PDF has text meta-data stored within the PDF file, then that text is now searchable from the document viewer.
  • Click here for more information.

Cases Page now has "Sticky Filters"

Users can filter their list of case and then view an individual position, when they return to the Cases page they see the same filtered list.

  • New solid green filter button on the Cases page
  • User can open new filter accordion via filter button: when the well is expanded, an outlined "clear filter" button should show up next to it.
  • User can select filters for Cases list
  • Clicking “clear filter” collapses the well, resets filters, and removes the "clear filter" button.
  • Filters persist when user navigates away from the Cases page
  • Filters are cleared when user closes the window or clicks button to clear filters
  • Filters will last the length of a browser tab session, which means they are only good for the current user in the current and will get cleared if:
    • User closes tab
    • User closes browser
    • User opens new tab (filters will still be stored and work in original tab)