Faculty180 Release Notes -2018.05.22

ORCID import - Bug Fix

De-duplication module was not working on scholarly activity import from ORCID, the issue has been resolved.

Generating a vita from a report - Bug Fix

 Fixed issue: Selecting a user in a Report did not generate their vita, the issue has now been resolved.

And many more bug fixes and minor enhancements!

Wording change to Faculty180 userIds

  • Home Release: Emulation Details ID should show F180 FacultyID, not PID:
    • Viewing the Emulation Details modal, we renamed the field (currently called "ID") that shows the user's Interfolio PID to "Interfolio PID" and still shows the correct PID for the user

    • We added a field called "Faculty ID" that shows the user's Faculty180 user ID.

    • The Emulation Details modal has a field for ID. The expectation is that this would be the Faculty ID in the Faculty180 database.

AACSB update

  • Wording for AACSB: Faculty FTE

    • AACSB is being updated to reflect changes in the 2017 standards.

    • We will be introducing a new faculty classification called Faculty FTE.

    • The input will allow numeric values, but the range will not be controlled. The expected input will range from 0 - 1. With 1 indicating 100% FTE value for the faculty member for the term in question.

  • Wording for AACSB: Professional Practice Standards or Public Policy:

    • With the upcoming AACSB 2017 changes, we will be introducing an activity classification that will be available for input for College of Business Faculty for all of their Scholarly Sub Types.

    • The classification will be called: AACSB: Professional Practice Standards or Public Policy

    • Updated help text to indicate to users that: Choosing Yes for this classification will flag the activity to be represented in the Professional Practice Standards or Public Policy column in Table 2-1, if it is not represented elsewhere in that table.

    • In addition to the classification help, we will have two options:

      • Yes and No. Each of those would need some help text that could appear to give further information.