Faculty180 Release Notes - 2018.07.03

Re-enabled custom dashboard messages for faculty classification forms:

Administrators initiating a new faculty classification form  can once again enter a custom message in the "This message will be sent" field, which has been inactive since the Home release.

When submitting a new faculty classification form, if you hit "Continue" and do not set a title, the default title of ‘Complete Faculty Classification Form’ will display, but you will have the opportunity to enter your own title by clicking "Cancel" and entering your message.

Scholarly Activity Report - activity dropdown not working when selecting by "category" in Chrome Bug fix:

Fixed issue with the pull-down menu not working when you set the ORDER  BY to "By Category" in the Chrome browser.

  • The value in the Activity drop down now changes to "All" when selecting By Category on the Scholarly Activities report but after running the report, it reverts back to "Select" and the user cannot select the anything from the drop down.
  • After running the report with By Category selected, the value should not change from All to Select. It should remain "All" until the user selects the By Term radio button again.

Profile Biography Text Linking Not Working, Bug Fix:

Fixed issue: In the Biography section of the Profile in Faculty180 the ability to link text in the WYSIWYG editor was not working. When you click the +, then Insert link, in the Url field you cannot type. A drop-down selection opens instead with the options “<top>” or “<bottom>”.

Evaluators not receiving early access notifications/emails, Bug Fix:

Fixed issue: Fixed problem with evaluators not receiving the system generated Early Access notification emails.

Vita: Map dateinfo field to citation outputs for Creative Performance, Bug Fix:

Fixed issue in scholarly works (2 specific examples = Creative Performance and Creative Production), where the Date field was not getting mapped into the Citation preview.

Boise State: Addition to SCP Co-author Roles drop-down menu, Bug Fix:

 Fixed issue: Added “Post-doc” to “Co-author Roles” drop-down menu in  Scholarly Contributions and Creative Contributions.

And many more bug fixes and minor enhancements!