Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.08.02

Added Student Roles to Scholarly Contributions and Grants:

We have added two new roles representing student researchers, enabling clients to specifically track student-faculty collaborations on scholarly contributions and on grants.

Until now, when tracking each individual faculty member’s scholarly contributions and grants, there wasn’t a built-in way to record that they collaborated with a student. Now you can do that. This means clients will be able to use Interfolio to directly track patterns in faculty-student collaborations. Such collaborations may be not only relevant for the individual faculty member’s career (such as future academic reviews), but also valuable for the institution for understanding budget, mentorship, or even student outcomes.

In Grants: Added Author/Editor subtype for Student Researcher:

A faculty user or an administrator (on bulk data load) who is adding or editing the Author/Contributor types for collaborators on a Grant can choose from two new options:

  • Graduate Student Researcher
  • Undergraduate Student Researcher

In Scholarly Contributions: Added Student Researcher Role:

In the section - Roles drop-down menu: we have added the following options:

  • Graduate Student Researcher
  • Undergraduate Student Researcher
Cleaned up Activity Input to avoid confusion:

Better distinguished between the Activities section and an initiated input form. We have updated the visual design around two pages in Interfolio Faculty180 to reduce confusion between them for our faculty users.

Faculty using our initiated activity input workflow to collect new activity data were mistakenly entering data into the “Activities” section. The “Activities” section is intended as a record of all previously entered activities, rather than a place to add new activities.

Now, if faculty accidentally click on the "Activities" section rather than the link to the initiated activity input form, we guide them to the right place.

Specifically, we will be making visual changes to better differentiate two pages:

  • Updated the design of the faculty member's Activities page (cumulative record of all activities faculty have already entered)
  • Updated the design of the initiated activity input form (pertaining only to specific academic activities they undertook during a limited period of time)


  • "Forms & Reports" is now highlighted in the navigation (not Activities)
  • A faculty user completing an initiated activity input form should see an updated header:
    • Header: "Requested Activity Input"
      • Activity Period section with range for activities
      • Status: with Not Submitted (Last updated date)
      • Preview CV option
Added open activity request notification on Activities page:

A faculty user on the Activities page will now see a banner at the top of the page that says "Are you looking for an open activity request?" with additional text that says "This page is the general activity form that has all the information you’ve entered. You also have an open request from your institution to submit information about your activities."

User will have a "Go to Activity Request" button that takes them to the initiated activity request.

F180 Bug fixes:

Faculty Input Form Title breaks header if blank:

Fixed issue happening when user removed the title for this page in the admin setup details. The page is filled out on db creation, but could be removed by a user, in which case it breaks the header and nav on these pages. Default that sets in case of removal is “Activity Input”

Coauthor Verification and Review Duplicates work items are not displaying on Home:

Fixed issue with Coauthor Verification and Review Duplicates work items not displaying on Home for faculty members. When a faculty member imports an SCP that will be flagged as a duplicate, a work item is now added to home for Review Duplicate. When one faculty member adds an SCP and then adds another faculty member as a coauthor, and then the added faculty member goes to verify that the Coauthor Verification displays, a work item is now added to home for Coauthor Verification.

Section-level instructions on activity input form should correctly display:

  • Fixed issue happening when an administrator sets up section-level instructions for an activity input form (in Setup). Those section-level instructions will now show up in any initiated instance of that activity input form.
    • Section-level instructions will not bubble up from lower-level to higher-level forms
    • Section-level instructions will not be inherited from higher-level forms to lower-level forms.