Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.08.01

Disposition Codes:

Administrators can now create, record, and report on disposition codes from a new “Disposition Codes” tab on the Administration page of the program.

Disposition codes are short explanations of why an applicant did not make it to the next step of the hiring process. Disposition codes provide users with a responsible, liability-preventing form of documentation of the hiring process in order to keep a record of the stated reasons why an individual job candidate was removed from consideration.

Up till now, Faculty Search clients have used application statuses to record disposition codes. This new feature will make recording and reporting on disposition codes easier, more accurate, and intentional.

Why don’t I see Disposition codes? If disposition codes are turned off or not created by an institution, the user will NOT see related content such as disposition code labels, buttons, and columns etc.

Disposition codes vs. application statuses:
  • Disposition codes are meant to work in conjunction with application statuses, rather than replace them outright.
  • Application statuses are meant to cover where a given applicant is in the committee’s process (e.g. Long List, Short List). Disposition codes, on the other hand, are intended to document why a given applicant did not move any further in the process. In many situations, these fields will be reported on together to support end of search reporting.
  • Using disposition codes for each applicant will help compliance reporting at the completion of a search. In many cases, it will help meet requirements for each applicant to have a valid code assigned to them.
Creating disposition codes:
  • Disposition codes are created on the “Disposition Codes” tab of the Administration page
  • When user edits the name of a code, the change will propagate to all instances where that code is used
  • When user deletes a code, the code will not be available for future use, but will remain applied to any applicants who had it applied in an open or closed position, and it will remain applied to those applicants in reporting
  • The codes Admins create will be displayed in alphabetical order
  • If codes have been turned on for an institution, all units will have access to these disposition codes.
Assigning Disposition Codes:
  • User can assign one or more applicants with one disposition code
  • Faculty Search CM or Admin at an institution that uses disposition codes, can assign disposition codes to an applicant from the applicant profile page. User will see a field labeled "Disposition Code" on the  page, and an option to add.  
  • CM or Admin can also assign codes to multiple applications at once on the applications page.
Reporting Disposition Codes

CM or Admin in Search can create an Applications Report by selecting to add a Disposition Code column for reports on the applications list.

Restored display of full unit hierarchy on landing pages:

Interested applicants for a position who are viewing a landing page on Interfolio will again see the full unit hierarchy displayed on the page in a clear and legible font.