Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.08.15

Fixed an issue where applicants for a position could no longer view the full unit hierarchy when viewing a landing page on Interfolio. Hierarchy now displays in a clear and legible font.

Restrict aggregated EEO form report for CM and non-EEO Admin:

Faculty Search CM/Admin running a summary EEO report are no longer able to see the results if there are 5 or fewer matching results.

This is a change we made based on feedback from a client, to build in restrictions for users that don't have specific EEO permissions.

We will display a message letting the user know that summary EEO information can not be displayed or downloaded until there are more than 5 applicants.

Display EEO Form last to all Faculty Search applicants in Dossier:

Dossier users applying to a Faculty Search position that has an attached EEO form will see that EEO form presented last, below any other custom application forms.