Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.08.15


FAQ Home item (notification on Home page):

When a faculty member asks an FAQ through Announcements & Help, an Administrator will receive a notification on their home page indicating that the user asked a question

The notification leads to a page that will allow the Admin to respond to the question, similar to the way this worked on the old F180 dashboard.

NOTE: Old FAQ’s will STILL be there!

  • User sees a message: "One or more users have submitted an FAQ."
  • Home item only appears to university-level administrators
  • There are no dates (start date or due date) for FAQ items
  • The link in the Home item  takes the user to a new page for responding to an FAQ (see below)
  • The Home item will disappear when the administrator has responded to the FAQ
  • We are eliminating functionality to notify the user that their question is answered
  • More details:
    • We will continue to support anonymous names
    • If a user is no longer a university admin then the work items will be removed
    • If a user is added as a university admin then the work items will be added

New page for displaying all FAQ items:

When a user submits an FAQ question, an F180 administrator logging into Interfolio will see an action item that says "One or more users have submitted an FAQ" when they log into Interfolio.

When admin clicks on the action item they are taken to an F180 page that:

  • Has any Open FAQ requests in a section at the top
  • Has the existing FAQ's in its own section below
  • The "Open FAQ Requests" section  in their own table with columns for:
    • Date Requested
    • Question
    • Submitted by (only if the anonymity thing isn't set up)
    • Actions:
      • Respond
      • Delete

When there are no unanswered FAQ's, the Open FAQ Requests section wil not display.

When selecting an option to answer:

Admin sees a modal with the question and a WSYWIG editor to respond to the question, and options to save/cancel

When Admin selects save, then the page should reload and the newly responded question should be the last item in the exiting questions section

Once there are no more FAQ's, the Open FAQ section will disappear and the notification on the home page will be removed.

New report allows bulk export of Annual Review documents organized by evaluation process:

By request we have added the ability to do a bulk export of annual review documents for all units, organized by evaluation process. This is a new report and new functionality in F180 reporting. For more details, see this article on exporting annual review documents organized by evaluation process.


Fixed issue with FAQ requestor's name not displaying when "Anonymous" FAQ setting is turned off

The FAQ requestor's name is now displaying when the Interfolio Admin sets “> Setting > Anonymous FAQ = 0”

Fixed issue with FAQ ordering not working and work items not being removed

Fixed issues with ordering not working when items were removed from the Admin's FAQ Configuration page in the Existing FAQs and Responses section.

  • Fixed issue with the FAQ work item not being removed from the Admin's Home once all questions have been answered
  • Also:
    • The work item now displays on the Admin's Home after a faculty member submits a question.
    • Popup displays after the faculty member submits a question: "Your question has been sent to administrator at your school. You will be notified once an administrator has responded"
    • Resolved issue happening when going to Setup > FAQ configuration to see if a question displays in the Open FAQ Requests section, instead of that section displaying, there was an “Oops! A server error has occurred. Sorry.”

F180 Reports: Admins with report rights can drill down correctly into Totals

Administrator with Report rights (and not Full Admin rights) in a given unit generating a report and clicking one of the hyperlinks in the "Totals" row, will now correctly see the drill-down results for the "Totals"

Before, a user with Report rights did not have access to the drill-down in "Totals", while a full admin user did

The Date Submitted and the Date Approved on the Prior Input forms pages now display correctly

Fixed issue with incorrect Date Submitted and the Date Approved on Faculty > Forms & Reports > Prior Input forms.

Dates now match the dates on Admin > Approve Faculty input > drill down > Submitted Date and Admin Step 1 Date (date approved)

Quality of the Excel/CSV output in the "Authors" column

Fixed issue with the Excel/CSV display when exporting scholarly activities from the Back Up Data, program throwing erroneous characters: (:;:;:;)

Remove the "No attachments uploaded" message when editing an activity:

A faculty member who has entered data into an activity section, did not add any attachments to the entry, and clicks 'Save' as their save option no longer sees a note saying "No attachments uploaded” in the Attachment 'subsection'

Since attachments cannot be made required - this was confusing

Client Commitments:

The following changes were made as part of our work with individual clients, but often the changes made here will improve the product more broadly.

Profile Form: Add "Restrictions" config from Activities to custom profile forms:

  • An F180 Admin can now restrict faculty members from (each as a separate setting, similar to activities)
    • --Adding
    • --Editing
    • --Deleting
  • Administrators can emulate and have the same settings for any custom section created for Profile.
  • An F180 faculty member can see if I they are restricted from adding, editing, or deleting data in the custom section they are working in.
  • Post release, all custom profiles created by clients in the past will now have this setting, but the restriction should be toggled OFF

Added config to number scholarly contributions in "Traditional" display

An administrator configuring a vita who is configuring the Scholarly Contributions section and has the Display Style config set to "Traditional," should see a config called "Number Scholarship", which, when set, numbers each citation in the vita output.

Change "Show on Tabular Summary" option

  • Transformed display into into single-select drop-down
  • "Show on Tabular Summary" option in drop-down now only shows the field in the table on the Activities form
  • Added "Show on Tabular Summary & Vita" option that replicates the functionality of the current "show on tabular summary" (shows on tabular summary AND vita)

Reports - Ensure that faculty picker settings persist through drill-down:

Fixed a bug where the "Assigned to Unit As" filters in the faculty picker were lost when drilling down on the scholarly activities report.

When using the faculty picker to filter the faculty being included in a report, then using the the report (e.g., "Assigned to Unit As", "Exclude Subunits", "Administrators Only", "Employment Status", and all the other subsections in the faculty picker), these filters will be applied on any drill-down version of the report.

Enable "Collaborator Report" in Faculty -> Forms & Reports for all Arizona faculty

Custom "Collaborator Report" identifies faculty who have collaborated on previous pieces of scholarship.

Before: This was only available to administrators through the standard reports interface (Administration -> Reports).  

Now: The Collaborator Report is available to faculty through Faculty -> Forms and Reports.

  • We are keep the existing collaborator report for admins.
  • As an administrative report, admins can choose which faculty to pull collaborators for. In the faculty version, faculty should only be able to see their own collaborators.
  • Faculty who are also administrators should use the administrative version of the report to see other people's collaborators.