Dossier Release Notes: 2018.08.30

Users can now add a profile photo in the Account Settings sections of the program. (Right now, only you can see the profile pic, but in the near future, another release will allow others to see your profile pic if you wish, and attach a face to your name!)

In addition, we have released some features to make it easier for new users to get started with Dossier :

  • We have significantly reduced the number of steps it takes to get up and running with an Interfolio account
  • We have made it easier for new users of Dossier to create a personal profile
  • We have made it easier to get started uploading materials and creating collections

Profile Photos on the Platform

Users can add a profile photo from Account Settings that will appear on their Account Settings page and replace their profile initials on their Dossier Home page:

When a user adds a profile photo, the photo displays in place of the user’s initials in the Dossier Home profile box. If no photo is uploaded, initials still display.

Add profile image in Account Settings:

Users can add and manage their profile photo in Account Settings.

We accept JPG and PNG files only with a file size no greater than 1 MB.

Before you upload a profile photo, the  Profile Photo section of Account Settings will display only your initials.

Click “Add Photo”  to add your profile image.

Drag and drop or select a photo to upload.

Drag your photo to reposition and zoom into the image as necessary.

Click "Change Photo" if you want to replace the image with another one.