Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.08.30

This release introduces two new features that add functionality and improvements to administrative workflows in Interfolio Faculty Search.

Internal Attachments: The new internal attachments feature allows both committees and administrative staff to share information and materials pertaining to an individual application that should not be shared with the applicant themselves.

In the process of considering a candidate, organizations making hires routinely produce documents about candidates that are not appropriate for that candidate to access. For example, a draft offer letter.

We now provide a dedicated way for administrators and committee managers to attach such internal documents to individual applications.

Selection approval workflows allow organizations to set up a series of approval steps that take place after a search committee has selected one or more applicants to fill a position.

This allows our users to accomplish the final steps of the academic hiring process within Interfolio, provides then with new insight into academic recruitment activities over time, and empowers organizations to enforce their own data recording policies.

In short, the new selection approval workflows feature is a practical tool to ensure that all academic hires follow an institution's policies about how to hire new faculty members.

Updated display of approval buttons for non-assigned Administrators:

Institutional Administrators can see approval buttons for positions that require approval. An assigned approver for a step should see the approval buttons for the step(s) in which they are assigned. If not an assigned approver for a step, user should not see approval buttons for any position.

Updated style updates for documents section of application detail view:

Updated the style of the application detail (applicant profile) view to match new design. These are slight changes in the appearance of applicant profile.

The main change is that we renamed the section where application materials appear to Application (instead of Documents). Documents section appears under "Application" header.

Fix: Only send one work item per position to Home

Fixed issue with duplicate action items showing up for some administrative users. Positions were displaying in the list once by themselves and then again with the approval required message. When clicking on the position, they would still remain on the action items list.

Now, the user will see all positions on a step to which they are specifically assigned as an approver or committee member/manager (and they will be flagged as necessary).

The program will only display one action item per position, with the appropriate badge displaying when approval is required.

Once approved, if still assigned to a step or position, the action item will display without the badge.