Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.08.30

We've released a variety of fixes and improvements in Interfolio Faculty180 along with some changes made as part of our work with individual clients that will also improve the product more broadly.


In report AACSB Table 2.2 totals do not add up in the "Print Page", PDF export, etc:

The totals were correct in the original report but not correct when exporting the report. Totals are now fixed on export files.


Add/Edit Faculty: Employment Status doesn't match actual FC screen:

Fixed issue occuring when reviewing login status; there appeared to be a mismatch between the employment status on the Add/Edit Faculty screen vs when you actually click on the link to the employment status. The user now sees the current employment status from this faculty roster.

Client Commitments:

The following changes were made as part of our work with individual clients, but often the changes made here will improve the product more broadly.

Allow users to customize section header styles:

When setting up Vita configuration, user should have the option to choose how section headings are formatted.

Changes to Setup Screen

  • From Setup - Configure Form - General Information, Above Show Empty Sections add the following:
  • Heading: Section Heading Format Options:
    • All Caps
    • Bold
    • Italics

Expected Outputs The selected Section Heading Format should be visible in the following ways:

  • When viewing a Vita on the screen
  • When I doing a PDF export
  • When doing a Word export

Show Grant ID in the listing config:

When an administrator configuring a vita sets the Grant section to show in Listing format, grant ID should show as a field in the vita output. When a vita is set as "Listing", the vita will display a Grant ID.

  • ID should show after "Funded by..."
  • ID should render as "ID: [insert ID here]