Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.09.11

This release includes a variety of fixes and improvements in Interfolio Faculty180. Many of these changes are in direct response to needs reported by clients like you.

AACSB: Correct journal article subtype mappings for all institutions:

Fixed issue with AACSB Tables 2.1 and 2.2 not showing because the institution's custom Journal Article subtype needs to be mapped to their institutional AACSB report configuration.

Activity Input - Validate status is same as when review started (Notification to second admin when two admins reviewing forms and first admin takes an action):

When two admins are reviewing a faculty member's submitted form at the same time, and both admins are working on approval for the same step, and one admin has taken an action (eg: rejection), then the second admin should be notified that the first admin has already taken an action via a modal. Now Admin 2 receives a notification when Submitting or Rejecting that notifies them of the current status.

Multi-Select Faculty Classifications forms should correctly save entries:

Fixed issue concerning faculty classifications with multi-select choice options not properly recording. When running ad-hoc reports on those faculty classifications, department chairs noticed that changes were not recorded. As a result, the pre-existing choice(s) were being shown instead.

API: Vita output=html and html_clean does not work:

Fixed a bug in the output of the Vita from the API. The Vita would not display any HTML when using ‘output=html’ and ‘output=html_clean’ parameters.

TCU: Workflow is missing in Prior Activity Input Report:

Fixed bug happening for TCU where “Prior Activity Input” report only had one Workflow item/Input form available for viewing, however, there were two Input forms.

Faculty180 BE: Activity Input Forms sometimes get stuck:

Fixed an issue related to activity forms getting stuck.

F180: FE Faculty picker search icon fix:

Fixed problem with the search icon not displaying in the the window to select faculty.

Account: UI - "Other" option for degree broken:

Fixed issue with the degree lists not display the "other" text field based on degree ID.