Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.09.11

This release features a variety of fixes and improvements in Interfolio Faculty Search, many in direct response to needs reported by our clients.

Several of the most significant user-facing fixes and improvements are listed below.



Fixed issue happening when cloning a position and attempting to add the search committee, the committee manager options were limited to the committee managers from the previous search. Program did not allow any other managers to be included even though new search was in a different unit.

Fixed issue with EEO officers not seeing units listed in forms report

Fixed issue with EEO officers seeing an empty pane at the "select a unit" part of running a forms report. The unit tree (hierarchy) now displays correctly.

Fixed a few issues happening under certain circumstances when trying to run the aggregated EOAA report for a position. When clicking the form report link, the report was flashing on the screen for a second and then disappearing. The number of applicants also was not accurate, and aggregated report for the EEO form didn't appear even though there were applicant responses.

Fixed issue preventing users from applying form response facets when viewing the list of applications for a position:

When clicking "Filter by Form Responses" in a search, after selecting the filter options, clicking"done" to generate report was not working. List can now be filtered as expected.

Updates/ Improvements:

Improved email button display in Outlook:

Fixed issue sers not seeing or having a hard time seeing action buttons in Outlook. We are investigating how these look currently and if we can make them look better, especially for the letter and evaluation emails.

Updates for positions list to highlight positions that need approval

CM/Administrator in Faculty Search looking at their  position list  should see a clear indicator of where the position is in the process in the "Status" column.

Update to Status column content:

  1. Display "Waiting for Approval" for any positions at an approval step.
  2. Display Workflow Step Name.
  3. Display Step number when appropriate (don’t display if position has been sent back to creator)

Additional UI updates:

  • Updated "Search Box" to our squared style and added label "Search by position name, unit, type, status or date"
  • Updated search function to allow users to search for Workflow Step Name
  • Status and Type filter dropdowns updated to allows users to search for a specific status and/or type