Dossier Release Notes: 2018.09.11

Users can now add a profile photo in the Account Settings sections of the program. (Right now, only you can see the profile pic, but in the near future, another release will allow others to see your profile pic if you wish, and attach a face to your name!)

In addition, we have released some features to make it easier for new users to get started with Dossier :

  • We have significantly reduced the number of steps it takes to get up and running with an Interfolio account
  • We have made it easier for new users of Dossier to create a personal profile
  • We have made it easier to get started uploading materials and creating collections


Dossier FE: Letter requests with no letter key should be treated like ones with no writer:

Updated wording in the Materials Viewer when displaying a letter request that has no letter key; the same text should display as when a letter has no writer.

Application Submission Confirmation ( in Faculty Search) had a UTC timestamp, which made some users think their applications were late/missed a deadline:

We received questions from applicants confused that they missed their submission deadlines. As it turns out, it's just confusion about our application confirmation email referencing a submission time in UTC instead of EST.

As a temporary fix we updated the timezone on that email to Eastern standard time.


Implemented a new navigation feature to improve accessibility

New way to select and navigate (UI-select is in the tab order) can be focused via keyboard and mouse.

When focused:

  • Dropdown with available options is visible
  • Options can be navigated using up & down arrows
  • When focused item is change new option is announced
  • Focus indicator is placed on ui-select input
  • Pressing ESC closes the dropdown
  • Pressing enter on any section within the dropdown triggers a selection