Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.10.02

This release continues the work toward making all of our products more accessible, along with a few fixes and improvements. The only notable change in function is that we now include withdrawn applications when displaying the latest update to an application.


Fixed issue happening when a user submits a position for approval and is sent an email, if that person replies to the email, it was going to noreply and not the email of the person that submitted for approval.

Positions Report not listing assigned "Evaluators" or "Committee Managers" per position

Fixed issue with “Evaluators” and “Committee Managers” not being pulled into the positions reports after a column is added. When pulling a positions report with "Evaluators" and "Committee Managers" columns added, no users were listed in either column. This is now fixed and behaves as expected.


Return withdrawn applications when viewing last updated applications

When an applicant withdraws their application, the timestamp for when the application was updated is updated, but the application is not included when viewing the list of last updated applications. We now return withdrawn applications for this endpoint.

Note: We still do not return withdrawn applications in the regular applications index.