Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.10.02

This release includes a few fixes and improvements in Interfolio Faculty180., including work to help clients customize their configurations.

Fixes and Improvements:

Problem with PubMed Scholarship Import

Fixed issue happening for administrators emulating faculty in order to import publications from Pubmed (Using the PubMed import function). If a user had over 25 publications, the import was only running 25 applications at a time.

Initiated Activity Input form is missing the admin's rejection comments in the Administrator Note field

Fixed issue occurring after an admin rejects the activity input form that has been submitted by a faculty member, the rejection comments were not populated in the Administrator Note field.

Problem setting current user when emulating

Fixed issue happening when from the home page, a user requests a /nav_menu for an emulated user, they were not receiving a proper response when unable to find that user.

Admin Faculty Unit Counts not correct (partial fix)

Partial fix for problem visible (on demo account) from Admin->Administration-> Faculty; COB was displaying count of 6, but clicking on the 6 revealed only 4 faculty members.

Display all selected choices for Multi Select Activity Classifications

We now return the complete list of activity classifications when outputting a multi select type (or checkbox type). Before, only one of the selected choices was displayed for a multi select activity classification.

Cleaned up Data Dictionary

Changed the function in the Options column to only include values that were added by the software administrator and exclude any values that were added as part of the 'Other _ enter text" option:

  1. Using the adminx account, user can navigate to the Easter Egg and select to download a data dictionary in any F180 database
  2. The columns expected: Form | Section | Field Label | Mapping Field | Type | Options
  3. Where the Type = Select or SelectOther or Radio or any other type related to a list - the expectation is that the Options column would include the values that have been added for selection.
  4. With SelectOther = the expectation is that the list would ONLY include those values that were added by the software administrator and not those that are added by faculty when he/she selects 'Other' and is given the option to add any value.
  5. Before, in the data dictionary, all values were being included in the Options column, making it necessary to clean up quite a bit of unusable data.

Client Configuration

Updated Degree Level drop-down menu:

Added two more options to the Degree Level drop-down menu for all clients:

  • Diploma
  • Certificate

These options are now available in the new default set-up for all new clients.