Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.10.16

We have made several fixes and improvements with this release.

Updated default directions for Initiated Activity Input Forms:

We changed the default language when creating a new Initiated Activity Input Period to the following:

I certify that I have uploaded all appropriate documents and that all works are my own. Furthermore, I hereby certify that the information provided in this curriculum vita is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Users can "unselect" a non-required Activity Classification:

When a user is inputting activity classifications and selects a non-required classification and saves, they can now undo their selection, and reset it back to "Select."

Fixed issue with “locked” evaluation files not being locked in the reporting function

A client reported that a faculty member’s evaluation file that should have been locked, and that showed in the "Locked Documents" row was not actually locked. We have resolved this issue.

Added an additional option under the Status drop-down menu called "In Press."

Added “In Press” as a status for all Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions and subtypes.

F180: Faculty Activity Reporting - Editing Membership:

Fixed an issue with editing membership (Under profile-> Membership). Faculty could add membership but not edit or delete it.

F180: Fixed problem with Word export from Forms & Reports:

Fixed problem preventing faculty from using the tool Actions>Export to Word when viewing anything in Forms & Reports > Prior Activity Input Forms. When the menu option was selected, nothing happened. The export works now but exports to PDF instead of Word.

FIU: Evaluations Process - Fixed issue with authors seeing duplicate Action Items:

Fixed erroneous display of multiple action item links showing up on dashboards for Evaluation Processes, with one link resulting in a blank page.

Initiated Activity Input period setup - Editing Start/End Date - date picker - Hour/Minutes display defaults back to 12:00am

Fixed problem happening when user goes into an existing Initiated Activity Input Period and clicking into the Start or End date to edit, in the date picker pop-up, the original Date stays highlighted, but the Hours/Minutes defaulted back to 12:00am. Previously, the Hours/Minutes would show the original selected value.

F180 Evaluation report bugs:

Fixed issue happening when user has department rights (say Information Systems Department), user should not see evaluations completed at the College or University levels/units (Drill down page shows evaluations outside of scope). Evaluation processes are scoped down to ones that are relevant to the admin running the report.