Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.11.13

This release continues a couple improvements and some housekeeping. 

Fixed issue with inconsistent tags and comments results when running application reports (patched):

In a patch for immediate release, we fixed an issue with inconsistent data when running a report on tags and comments in an application report. Report was displaying differently on the screen than what was downloaded.

Removed tour button and view position activity log from evaluator view of application list:

Fixed issues with the tour button and the display of the position activity log. Evaluator's Position Actions drop down was displaying 'view position activity log' - bringing user to an error message because evaluators don't have access to the log. Removed the “Tour” button.

Fixed issue with users being sent to the wrong document when entering the materials viewer:

Fixed issue happening when user clicked on a document when viewing an application in FS, the link opened the first document listed and not the one clicked on.