Getting Started in the Interfolio Client Community

Note: This is only available to top-level administrators at an institution. If you have any questions please reach out to

This article is an overview of the Interfolio Client Community and helps users understand what the Client Community is and how they can benefit from it.

You can also click the links below to learn more about getting around and using Interfolio Client Community:

Value of the Interfolio Client Community

We believe in providing the best experience for our customers throughout their Journey with us.

  • Centralized engagement with Interfolio
  • Peer to Peer Engagement
  • Easier customer access to Interfolio support and product resources, including product release notes
  • Greater Efficiency in Managing Support Tickets (including access your institutions support tickets)
  • Thought Leadership and Industry Resources

How to access the Interfolio Client Community

If you are on the product-help site (here!), simply click the link at the top of the page

We will soon be integration the link to the Community from within the product.

Users should have already received their login credentials; however, your username is your institutional email

If users have forgotten your password, it can be reset by our administrator by emailing

The Interfolio Client Community is only Interfolio administrators at an Institutional level that regularly communicate with Interfolio on behalf of their institution

1.   Access your account settings

2.   Notice a few navigation options when you log into the Community: 

  • Home
  • Search for General and Discussion
  • Community Discussions
  • Groups
  • Review Tickets
  • Submit a Ticket
  • Help Center

3.  You can: 

  • Start a Discussion
  • Submit a Ticket

4.  You Can: 

  • Easily access the most common discussion topics

Submit a Ticket or Start a discussion in Community

  1. You can start a discussion to engage your peers or ask a question to understand best practices, etc… 
  2. You can submit a product support/help ticket 

Currently, you cannot add to an existing ticket within the Interfolio Client Community. Additionally, if you want to add an attachment, you will do so after submitting the initial form. 

Account Settings

Within the Community Account Settings you can do the following:

Sample of the Community Account Settings Profile

  • Change your notification settings
  • View and access all of your discussions (those you start and participate in)
  • View and access all of your Cases
  • View and Access Your Groups
  • Change Your Profile Information

How to check the Product Status?

From within the client community, we offer a link to on the sidebar. Simply click that link to be able to view the status of the Interfolio products.

How to join or participate in groups

Click on the groups option from the tool bar to participate requests.