Manage your Settings in the Client Community

The Interfolio Client Community has it's own unique set of account settings and profile information, separate from the rest of the Interfolio clients, in order to allow Institutional administrators the ability to customize how much they would like to participate in the community discussions and support.

All users can access and manage this information and settings through the User Account Menu.

Click the User Menu in the top right corner

Located in the top right corner of the page, the user account menu in the Interfolio Client Community is the central location for users to access personal information and account information.

After clicking to launch the user menu, users can:

1. Navigate back to the Interfolio Client Community dashboard

2. View your profile information page for the Interfolio Client Community by clicking My Profile

From the profile information page, you are able to edit your information, view and interact with your personal feed, view relevant cases, upload files, view groups, and your influence.

Your influence is measured by your engagement with the Interfolio Client Community platform. You can view how many people you are following, how many you are being followed by, as well as your total posts, comments, and links.

Click the Edit button to edit your Profile

After clicking the Edit button, a window launches and you are able to modify your profile information.

Store files in your Profile

You can upload relevant files for storage and later use, directly to your profile, that are not publicly available.

Your Feed and Case Panes
In your feed, you can see and search for relevant posts, questions, and polls, for you to interact with, and the ability to post your own.
After clicking "share", you can monitor the posting and will be notified of any responses or updates from other users.
Click the arrow button to an item on your feed to see additional options.
If you have the proper permissions, you can edit, delete the topic.
After clicking 'Delete' a window will pop-up to confirm the deletion.
If you select Bookmark, then a post will be started and marked for later reference.
2.2. While in the feed pane, click the Question tab to create a question to be answered by other community users.
When finished Click "Ask" to submit the question and your question will appear as the below example:
Your question will appear to others in the Community as the below example:
Other users will be able to Like, Answer, or Share your question.
2.3. To create a poll, select the tab and then fill out the form, when finished click Ask
After submitting your Poll, users can Vote, View results, Like, Comment, or Share your Poll.
Users will have the same options, but also be able to Change vote, and Refresh results.
Click the Share button on your feed to share a post with your group or with your followers in Interfolio Client Community

Next to your feed tab, select the Cases tab to view relevant submitted support cases/tickets, and also create a new one.

5. Contact Support by Submitting a Ticket

Clicking this will launch the submitting a ticket form for you to enter information.

The more information that you can provide, the more effective the support we can offer. With images and workflow descriptions, agents can quickly identify and report the issue.

After you submit, you can respond to the automated email with pictures or more information as you gather it.

6. Logout of the Interfolio Client Community

Logging out of the Interfolio Client Community will not log you out of any Interfolio products.