Review your Support Tickets in the Client Community

Currently, users are not able to respond to an existing ticket within the Interfolio Client Community.

This is expected to change as we continue to implement the Interfolio Client Community.

Submitting a New Ticket

After submitting a ticket, users will receive an automated response to their email. Then they will be able to add attachments via email.

Viewing your Tickets

Institutional administrators are able to view the tickets that have been submitted by their institution. This will help them be aware of the friction points that are occurring within the Interfolio system. This also enables administrators to see the support interactions their faculty have with interfolio.

Your ticket will display the relevant information that you have entered.

The status of the ticket lets you know how the current ticket is being worked on within the Interfolio support team.

The tickets statuses can be:

  • New - Meaning it hasn't been seen yet.
  • Open - Meaning it has been assigned to a support agent.
  • Pending - Meaning it is awaiting response from the client.
  • On-hold - Meaning that it is awaiting more information from engineering, or just for prolonged holds.
  • Solved - Meaning that the immediate issues has been solved.

Each step can be lived or commented on, you are also able to tag other users to add more collaboration.

All tickets submitted to Interfolio will display in this window, allowing administrators with an easy method to review the requests and support interactions between their staff and Interfolio

Choose which cases you want to see displayed in the table