Support Tickets in the Client Community

Members of the Client Community are able to submit and manage their support tickets in the Community. This article will go over how to submit a new ticket and review existing tickets.

Submitting a New Ticket

  1. Log into your account and click "Submit a Support Case" from the tool bar the top of the screen
Submit a Support Case
  1. Fill out as many fields as possible and add any relevant attachments. Required fields are noted with a blue asterisk.
  2. Click "Submit"

After submitting a ticket, users will receive an automated confirmation to their email.

Managing Existing Tickets

Community members can always view the tickets they've submitted from their account by clicking "My Tickets" from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Institutional administrators (IAs) are also able to view the tickets that have been submitted by other users at their institution to empower them to monitor the friction points that are occurring within the Interfolio system. To change the list view to show all tickets from an institution, click "My Tickets", then click "My Open Tickets" and select "My Institution's Open Tickets" from the drop down.

Change Ticket List

Tickets submitted via the web form in the Help Center and email can also potentially be accessed via the Client Community. If a ticket is submitted from an email address associated to a user/institution in the Client Community using one of the aforementioned methods, it should automatically be assigned to the applicable Community account. Scholar Services can also manually assign tickets to a Community user if requested.

Available Ticket Information

There is a variety of information that's available when viewing tickets. Immediately after clicking into the list of tickets, community members will see a list of their tickets with general information such as subject, ticket number/type, and open date. Other helpful fields are:

  • Status – where the ticket is in the support ticket lifecycle. Please see this article for more information on what the statuses mean: Support Ticket Lifecycle and Best Practices
  • Priority – this field is available to draw attention to the severity of a submitted ticket. Community members can assign a priority when creating a ticket; if this field is left blank, Scholar Services will assess the ticket and assign priority.

More information about the ticket, such as the initial ticket description and any response from Scholar Services, can be seen by clicking the case number to open the ticket details.

Editing Tickets

Any open ticket can be accessed and edited from within the Client Community. IAs are also able to edit tickets submitted by other users at the institution.

To edit information on a ticket:

  1. Click on "My Tickets" from the toolbar at the top of the screen, then click on the case number to open the ticket details
  2. Click the "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner
Edit Case
  1. Make the desired changes then click "Save

Although the ticket description is modifiable via the Community, it is not possible to submit new replies to the same ticket. To reply to Scholar Services or request an update, please respond via email.