Add the Workload Models Used by Your Institution

In Lifecycle Management, Administrators can add workloads when creating a rank. This allows you to track workload obligations, and facilitates transparency and consistency between faculty and administration concerning expectations of how faculty will spend their working hours.

Workloads are added to the program from the Workload section of Administration. Administrators can also edit and delete workloads from the platform on that page.

Please note that for this initial release of Lifecycle Management, the workload models field is NOT computational, and is currently not meant to achieve "weighted" workload modeling.

Note: The terms Workload and Workload Model in this article refer to a customizable, dedicated text label used to record the agreed upon workload allocation for an individual faculty member.  Your organization may have replaced the term "Workload" as part of the customization of the Lifecycle Management platform, but the steps for entering and managing workloads will appear

Click "Add Workload Model"

Enter the name and description of the workload model

The workload model you add can now be used when creating a rank

The workload model you create will now appear as a selectable option in the drop down list of workloads a user sees when creating a rank.

The description of the workload you created will display when that workload is selected during the process of creating a rank