How Lifecycle Management Events are calculated: Past, Current and Upcoming Events

In Lifecycle Management, administrative users set up a series, add ranks, add events to that rank, then link those ranks to make a professional journey in the given series. Past events that have already occurred in a faculty member's career will need to be entered into the system. Current events will need to be added as they are happening, and future events will be added to the user's profile as upcoming events in their professional journey through the ranks of their given series.

So, for example; when a user is added to the system, say, a third year tenure-track faculty member whose current rank is Assistant Professor; since the faculty member is in their third year, the program's administrator will enter all the past events associated with the faculty member's rank (and previous ranks) to the program and the faculty member's profile. Current events for the faculty member's rank at their third year will need to be added to the program as well (such as their current third year review). But all of the upcoming events that are part of the faculty member's appointment will be added to their profile as upcoming events, and when the time for each event is reached, the system will recognize that, and create the appropriate sequence of reviews.