Understanding the Faculty Professional Journey View

You can view and make changes to an individual faculty members professional journey from the faculty member's  profile.

Click "Faculty" in the left hand navigation bar of Lifecycle Management to open the Faculty view

Faculty Lifecycle Management

Click the faculty member's name to open their profile

Faculty Lifecycle Management

Scroll to the bottom of the profile page to view the faculty member's professional journey

Faculty Lifecycle Management

View Timeline

The profile opens on the Timeline tab which provides an overview of the faculty member's Professional Journey.

  1. Title of the professional journey
  2. Current rank of the faculty member
  3. Series of events in the timeline of the faculty member's rank. These are reviews and milestones of the current rank.
  4. The outcome of past reviews are listed on the event tile
  5. Click the edit pencil to make changes to an event
Faculty Lifecycle Management
  1. The current active event will display as a green tile
  2. Past and cancelled events will appear greyed-out
  3. Future events will appear as blue tiles
Faculty Lifecycle Management

Creating and managing exceptions

Add Event

Click the Add Event button to the right of the timeline to add an event to the faculty member's timeline of reviews. This event will be added only to the timeline of the faculty member you are editing, and will become part of the faculty member's individual professional journey.

Edit Event

Click the edit pencil on the event tile to edit an existing event.  

Faculty Lifecycle Management

In this way you can record an outcome for an event.

This is also where you can create an exception to exempt a faculty member from an upcoming review in their timeline, or reschedule an upcoming event.

Faculty Lifecycle Management

Click Cancel Event to deactivate the event in the timeline of the faculty member.  The event will still appear in the timeline of the faculty member so you can keep a record of it, and can restore the event at any time.

Faculty Lifecycle Management