View Faculty with the Faculty List

Lifecycle Management provides a filterable and sortable list of all faculty members with information, such as appointments, ranks, and current event statuses. The Faculty List gives users a useful and accurate overview of the state of faculty and faculty activities at your institution.

The ability to take action (in bulk, or individually) on this list transforms what used to be merely an informative spreadsheet into a self-contained engine that is more convenient, contains less room for error, and reduces the number of steps involved in administrative work around faculty advancement.

At the same time, we offer an in-depth view of each individual faculty member, pulling in data from multiple sources, the individual view shows administrators details about the current appointment, information from Human Resources, profile data and contract agreements.


View the Faculty List of all faculty members:

To view the Faculty List, click Faculty in the left hand navigation menu for Lifecycle Management.

Faculty Lifecycle Management

The Filter functions at the top of the page help you narrow the list by unit, rank, or filter the list to only display faculty involved in a particular type of event (milestone or review).

See below for more in-depth instructions on Filtering the Faculty List.

Faculty Lifecycle Management

The faculty table will display the member name, upcoming events (including the month and year), and the faculty member's current appointments. If the faculty member has uploaded a profile image this will appear as well (otherwise, the faculty member's initials will display).

Faculty Lifecycle Management
Select faculty

Click Select All in the blue bar at the top of the list to select all names in the list,  or click to select one or more faculty members.

Faculty Lifecycle Management
  • Click Initiate Case to open new cases for each selected faculty member.
  • Click Send Message to email selected faculty members.
  • Click Download CSV to download a CSV file listing selected faculty
Faculty Lifecycle Management
View individual faculty profile:

Click the faculty member's name to access the in-depth view of each individual faculty member.

Faculty Lifecycle Management

This view pulls in data from multiple sources, and displays details about the current appointment, information from Human Resources, profile data and contract agreements. In addition, the individual view provides administrators a full picture of that individual employee's past, current, and future advancement milestones, and all administrators with access to view the faculty member's record will see the same information, increasing clarity around review timelines.

  1. Contact Information:
    • Click View CV to view the Vita of the individual faculty member.
    • Click Send Email to email the faculty member
    • View faculty member contact information
  2. Appointment Information: We display the faculty member's appointment
    • start date
    • rank name
    • title
    • unit
    • employee type (tenure track, full time etc.).
  3. Contract information:
    • workload
    • appointment notes
  4. Professional Journey: From here you can view, access, and edit timeline events, or create exceptions in the faculty member's journey
    • name of current timeline
    • current rank
    • timeline events: graphic representation of timeline events (milestones, reviews)
  5. History: (Upcoming)




Faculty Lifecycle Management

FAQ: Faculty Profiles

Can faculty profile information be added manually through the user interface?

No. Right now, there are three ways to add a faculty record:

  1. CSV import
  2. Public apis
  3. FS to LM integration

What information can be updated with the file update toggle?

Yes, the profile and appointment records can be updated via csv upload. This can also be accomplished via public APIs.

NOTE - If an update needs to be made to individual elements, ALL existing elements should be included with the file upload. For example, If a faculty member's profile currently includes an avatar link, and the new Faculty file (with an updated office location, for example) does not include the avatar link, the existing link will be removed from the faculty profile.

At this time, email address is the key identifier for appointment and profile records and thus cannot be updated.

Items that cannot be updated:

  • Profile - Email cannot be updated  
  • Appointment - Series, Rank, Start date and Email

How can we capture extensions and international numbers on the Faculty Profile file?

The phone number file will accept values in the following formats: "(XXX-XXX-XXXX)",  555-333-4444 EXT. 233 as well as +44 20 8673 5497

Filtering the Faculty List

Filter by unit

Select a Unit from the dropdown list to filter the list by organizational unit, such as a college or department.

Faculty Lifecycle Management

Filter by rank type

Select a rank from the dropdown list to  limit the list to faculty members of a particular rank. Note that the list will be limited by rank type, the standard ranks we support in Lifecycle Managementmore information on rank type vs. rank name.

Faculty Lifecycle Management

Filter by current event type

Select an event type from the dropdown list to view faculty members who are currently involved in a particular type of event. For example, if you select Sabbatical as the event type, only those users who are currently under a Sabbatical review (or on Sabbatical) will appear.

Faculty Lifecycle Management