Viewing and Tracking Messages in the Message Log

You can view and track messages sent through our product using our Message Log. The log records the date, sender, recipient, and subject as well as the content of all messages sent through the system.

Click "Message Logs" in the left hand navigation bar

The Message Log records messages sent through the program in a table that can be filtered, searched, and sorted

You can filter the list of messages in the log by a date or date range

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

Or enter keywords to search for messages

The log can also be sorted by date, recipient last name (alphabetical), sender name, delivery status

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

Click on an entry in the table to open a window where you can view details including the text of a message

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

The message will open in a drawer to the right of the page displaying the date, sender, subject, and text of the message

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

FAQ: Faculty Message Log

If the value is "The recipient has unsubscribed" - what have they unsubscribed from and how does it get fixed? Can the Admin fix it or do they have to email Scholar Services?

This happens if the recipient selects the option in our emails. This would unsubscribe them from all Interfolio-generated email. This would have to be managed in the same manner as if this happened in our other modules.