General Questions:

A: No, not at this time, we suggest the following workarounds:

  • Faculty can provide the link to the CV they want shown to administrators.
  • Support account users in Faculty180 can then go in and create the link and provide it for Lifecycle Management.

On the Faculty Message log, what does it mean when it says "The recipient has unsubscribed"?  What have they unsubscribed from and how does it get fixed? Can the IA fix it or do they have to email Scholar Services?

A: This happens when the recipient selects the option to unsubscribe in our emails. Selecting this option unsubscribes them from all Interfolio-generated email. This would have to be managed in the same manner as if this happened in our other modules.

Faculty data:

Q: Is there any way to set faculty data such as CV, avatar, and other information through the Lifecycle Management interface?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is there a way to manually add a faculty member (for example; a single mid-year hire)?

A: Right now, there are three ways to add a faculty record:

  1. CSV import
  2. Public APIs
  3. Faculty Search to Lifecycle Management integration

Q: Does the information in Lifecycle Management get updated by a new faculty load?

A: Yes, the profile and appointment records can be updated via CSV upload. This can also be accomplished via public APIs.

If an update needs to be made to individual elements, ALL existing elements should be included with the file upload.

For example: If a faculty member's profile currently includes an avatar link, and the new faculty file (with an updated office location, for example) does not include the avatar link, the existing link will be removed from the faculty profile.

Q: Does the faculty file create a record for the user in super? (And is that connected to any other super records with that email address?)

A: When a faculty record is created, we will search for an existing user within that tenant (across all modules) via email address. If a match is found, we tie that record to the user. If no match is found in the tenant, we create an account in our system for the user.

Editing series, ranks, rank events, journeys, and workloads:

Q: Can users delete series, ranks, rank events, journeys, and workloads?

  • Events: Users can delete rank events.
  • Ranks: Users can delete a rank after all associated rank events are deleted AND the rank is removed from any existing professional journeys.
  • Series: Users can delete a series after all associated ranks and journeys are deleted.
  • Journeys: Users can delete a professional journey once all ranks have been removed from that journey. 
  • Workloads: Users can delete a workload.