Data Loads Overview

Interfolio’s Lifecycle Management allows administrators to set up their instance manually, through file uploads or public APIs. Both manual and file upload configuration methods can be done through the user interface. 

Manual Set Up Process
Manual setup must be done in this sequence Setup Step Resource
1 Series See Creating and Defining Series
2 Ranks See Creating and Defining Ranks
3 Rank Events See Creating and Defining Events
4 Professional Journeys
See Planning and Defining Professional Journeys
5 Workload

Remaining configuration must be done via file uploads

See the Administration tab > Load Data for Data Upload Templates with Instructions, 

Data Sample and blank Template

6 Faculty Profile
7 Appointments
8 Past Events
File Upload Process
File uploads must be loaded in this sequence Setup Step
1 Series See the Administration tab > Load Data for Data Upload Templates with Instructions, Data Sample, and blank Templates
2 Professional Journey
3 Rank
4 Rank Events
5 Faculty Profile
6 Appointments
7 Past Events (optional)
8 Workload (optional)
FAQ: Data Importer

Will the file uploader accept any file regardless of the number of columns as long as the appropriate headers are indicated?

Best Practice: File Importer

How does the "update existing items" toggle work when loading a new file?

Optional fields can be updated (when using the update flag). Faculty not included on the list will not be removed from the system. when uploading profile or appointment files to update, you should be able to have rows in your step sheet of existing records that match what is already in there. We should just be skipping those. The Update flag is available on the Faculty Profile file and Appointment File.

Right now, there are some required fields we can change but essentially anything that is used to build the timeline can't be changed:

Profile template:  Email Address

Appointment template:  


Unit Name

Series Name

Journey Title

Rank Name

Start Date

We can edit Date Hired but this will not change the date of any existing timelines. Workaround: If the update toggle doesn't work on appt start date,  I think we could add an exception even before the first event, set it to push back the following events/affect the timeline, and that should fix it all.

Yes, as long as the appropriate column headers are indicated in the file you can upload from a single spreadheet. Be mindful to remove duplicate rows which will cause the file to error-out.

Best Practice: File Upload order

Which file should be loaded first?

It's recommended to load the CURRENT appointments file first. It's also recommended to create a faculty file with unique faculty, and load these as test cases.

How should you use position ID found on the Appointments file?

This field may be used to capture the faculty member's institutional position number. This is a text field so it can be repurposed for other needs as well.