About Data File Visualization

The below table provides a visual representation of how data upload templates are connected in Lifecycle Management. Email address is a key identifier that connects the Faculty Profile, Appointments, and Past Events uploads.

Lifecycle Management Data File Visualization Chart

When configuring Lifecycle Management using the file upload method, files should be loaded in the order below (scroll right to see full table):


Unit Name Series Name Tenure

Professional Journey

Unit Name Series Name Professional Journey Title Description

Rank Unit Name Series Name Rank Name Rank Type Name Workload Name Qualifications Professional Journey Sequence
Minimum Salary
Maximum Salary

Rank Events Unit Name Series Name Rank Name Event Type Name Rank Event Name Event Year Event Month

Faculty Profile First Name Middle Initial Last Name Email Address Office Street 1 Office Street 2 Office City

Office State
Office Zip Code
Office Country
Home Street 1
Home Street 2
Home City
Home State
Home Zip Code
Home Country
Cell Phone
Work Phone
Avatar Url
CV Url
Date Hired
Appointments First Name Last Name Email Address Unit Name Series Name Rank Name Professional Journey Title Start Date
Contract Expiration
Position ID
Employee Type
Workload Name
Appointment Notes
Past Appointment

Past Events First Name Last Name Email Address Unit Name Appointment Appointment Start Rank Name Event Name
Event Type Names
Event Start Date
Event End Date
Event Outcome
Event Notes

Workloads Workload Name Description