FAQ: Faculty Profiles

FAQ: Faculty Profiles

Can faculty profile information be added manually through the user interface?

No. Right now, there are three ways to add a faculty record:

  1. CSV import
  2. Public apis
  3. FS to LM integration

What information can be updated with the file update toggle?

Yes, the profile and appointment records can be updated via csv upload. This can also be accomplished via public APIs.

NOTE - If an update needs to be made to individual elements, ALL existing elements should be included with the file upload. For example, If a faculty member's profile currently includes an avatar link, and the new Faculty file (with an updated office location, for example) does not include the avatar link, the existing link will be removed from the faculty profile.

At this time, email address is the key identifier for appointment and profile records and thus cannot be updated.

Items that cannot be updated:

  • Profile - Email cannot be updated  
  • Appointment - Series, Rank, Start date and Email

How can we capture extensions and international numbers on the Faculty Profile file?

The phone number file will accept values in the following formats: "(XXX-XXX-XXXX)",  555-333-4444 EXT. 233 as well as +44 20 8673 5497