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How to Bundle Candidate Documents to Send to External Evaluators

The goal of this article is to help individuals download the packet files from a candidate's case and then send them in one file to an External Evalutor. This will expedite the process and make it easier for those with many files.

Downloading the Candidate's Packet Documents

This is going to start from the Candidate Case screen with all of their documents.

First, select the documents that you want to include in the PDF.

You may select one, many, or all documents.

Make sure you exclude the external evaluations from this download so that these are not accidently shared with other external evaluators.

The order of the files will be the same as thet order of the documents within the candidate's packet.

Once you have selected the proper documents, download the PDF packet.

If any changes are made to the files, you will have to repeat this process to send the most up to date files.

When the download is ready, there are two ways to retrieve your documents:

  1. You can retrieve the download from your email which is sent automatically.
  2. Or you may click the notification icon and download it directly from the Interfolio website (as displayed in the image below).

To download the documents from the sidepane, first, click notifications bell to expand the sidepanel.

Then find the relevant notifiaiton and click the Download Now link (as displayed in the image below).

Uploading the Single PDF to the Packet

After downloading the file, return to the candidate's case and upload the pdf to the packet.

Make sure that you give it a unique name and description that explains this is the packet for external evaluators.

The document will now appear in the case's packet, be sure to change the access permissions to be Administrator Only as to not confuse other evaluators.

Do this by clicking the "Edit" options from the additional options available on the packet documents page.

Sending the Single PDF to the External Evaluator through an Evaluation Request

For information as to how to send an External Evaluation request please reference our article on the topic.