Using Collections From Your Dossier To Satisfy Packet Requirements

This article explains how to use the materials from a collection in the official packet for your review.

This is particularly handy if you have created a collection based on guidelines for an upcoming review, and are ready to transfer the materials in the collection to your official review packet.

See here for more information on "Using Guidelines From Dossier to Prepare for Future Reviews."

Click "View" on your account dashboard to view a packet

The "My Packets" section of your account dashboard displays your active packets.

-or-you can click "View All Packets" on the screen above, and open the packets page where you can access any of your active or completed reviews

You will see a list of all packets with an indication of packet type, status, due date, or completion date.

At the next screen, select "Work on Packet" to begin adding files

Click "Add File"next to the requirement

Open the collections tab, and select a collection

Select a file to add from the collection

The materials from the collection will be added to your packet